Sharoma Frontierverse Guides Missions


You don't have to accept any missions in Frontier, but your game will soon descend into boredom if you don't. Missions are available from private contractors, the Federal Navy and the Imperial Navy. By far the most exciting are the navy missions. Espionage, spying, assassinations, bombing runs: read on for adventures unlimited!

Mission types

There are four main types of mission:

It's a busy life for the Imperial Hitman

'It's a busy life for the Imperial Hitman'

Be prudent when agreeing to missions. Don't accept ones that clearly cannot be finished in time. If your agent isn't offering you enough missions then try another base, or another system. If he still isn't offering you any then he might not trust you. Doing work for both the Federal and Imperial navies means both sides will find it hard to gauge where your loyalties really lie. Before accepting any missions, and regularly throughout them, save your game.

Delivery Missions

A completed delivery mission

'A completed delivery mission'

Delivery missions are easy. Just make sure you can deliver in time! If it's a neighbouring system (and it usually is) allow at least a week. Once in the destination system use the 'engines off' trick to get there hours, even days, earlier. Delivery missions may be boring, but they're a steady way to build up military rank, and if it's on your way (the Vequess-Facece trade route for example) then they are a bonus.

Reconnaissance Missions

Locating the target

'Locating the target'

One problem with reconnaissance missions is finding your target at all. It should work if you approach the planet until it nearly fills your screen. If the military base is visible, you should see it as a grey pixel that can be selected. If you don't see it, fly to the back of the planet or simply wait a few hours (in accelerated time) until the planet rotates the base into your view. As shown here, simply select the grey pixel as your target and fly towards it.

A photograph from 18km away... only OK

The maximum distance to take photographs from is about 80km. As you can see in these two pictures, I took the photo at 18km and the result was only "OK" for the agents back home. If you take the photo from 10km or closer, you get an "excellent film", as you can see below:

This time much closer at 8km And it's excellent!

Here are some tips for the recon missions:

  1. Use autopilot and maximum time acceleration until you arrive in the vicinity of the planet.
  2. Orbit the planet and lock on the target when it is at the horizon.
  3. Start to fly level-- if the planet has high gravity be extra careful.
  4. Continue towards your target accelerating time to speed it up.
  5. From a distance of 80km downwards you can take pictures. Take the photo (by pressing D or clicking on the camera icon) and swoop upwards.
  6. Jump out of the system ASAP, or if you are daring or fancy honing your fighting skills, hang around and dogfight with the military craft.

Reconnaissance missions to Imperial stations are most difficult because you are attacked by Imperial Couriers with 20MW beam lasers. If you fly very low between the buildings of a target station you must be extremely careful not to be hit by an enemy ship that suddenly appears directly in front of you.

If your first ever photo is excellent, you will be awarded the "Legion Of Honour" (with the Empire) or the "Blue Excelsior" (for the Federation). Funnily enough, to get the medal below those ones (Platinum Cross and Vermillion Crest respectively), you will have to purposefully do an "OK" photo.

Assassination Missions

Bombing Missions

Prepare to fire... ...Boom!

For bombing missions, just do the same as you would with a recon mission, except fire the nuke instead of the camera. When you fire it is up to you.

If you have succeeded with reconnaissance missions and shot a lot of excellent pictures you will find bombing missions very boring. You can fire your nuclear missile from 500km distance or even more without adverse effects if the station lies within your line of sight. The crater that replaces the station after a successful attack is no hole in the ground. It hovers above the planet just where the station used to be. If you rough land at the position of the station you land actually below the crater. Very strange indeed.


Thanks to Tom Morton for the two bombing pics.