Sharoma Frontierverse Data


The Data section contains tables. Lots of tables of data. If you're new to Frontier, this place will be invaluable, since it reproduces a lot of the (accurate) information found in the original game manual, as well as fixing some errors. The ship specifications found here are correct. In case you're playing a version of Frontier that still has the password protection scheme enabled, the game codes will allow you to provide the correct answer when required. More information on this can be found below.

A lot of this section has been directly copied from the Frontier manual (which you can download in full on the Files page, both with correct and incorrect ship specs). The exhaustive list of wormhole routes, however, have been taken from Christoph Tietz's now defunct Frontier: Elite 2 web site. This site appeared in the early '90s and was the first Frontier: Elite 2 web site. The list was made into a table by myself, which was an extremely tedious process!

Password protection

Many versions of Frontier, including the original, have a password protection scheme. When docking at a space port you'll be asked by the local cretinous police forces to quote a section of your flight manual. You are asked for a certain letter in the game manual, and (I think) you have three chances to get it right. If you fail, your game is over. The manuals that are available for download are useless for this since the pages aren't numbered the same. This is why the game codes exist.

(Die deutschen Schutzcodes downloaden.)