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The vast majority of your income will be from trading. Whether you choose to become primarily a trader or just take small amounts of cargo along when galavanting around the universe, it's important to know some of the most profitable routes.

The Facece (0,-4) - Vequess (-1,-4) Trade Route


'The slave trade'

The Empire is into slavery in a big way, and if you're willing to put morals and ethics aside, you can make a lot of money. Vequess is a relatively poor manufacturing system, with factories manned by many thousands of slaves. They are a major export here too, and wealthy landowners on the lush green planet of Topaz wish to flaunt their prosperity by having a few slaves toiling around. Feed the demand and take slaves from Vequess to Facece-- Facece is so desperate for slaves that people on the BBS will often offer you double the market price. If you aren't willing to take slaves, robots will also make a profit, fresh as they are from the factories in Vequess. This trade route is also the easiest place to get your Imperial Navy career off the ground. There are always at least five messages from Facece to Vequess and often a couple back. On the trip out to Vequess, carry any of the following, bearing in mind that Facece contains agricultural worlds and Vequess does not: live animals, animal skins, animal meat, fruit & veg and grain. Check the BBS in Vequess too, people may desperately need one of the aforementioned commodities. As for safety, you may encounter piracy in Veuqess, but it helps to lessen the tedium that this route may induce after a few times.

Demand for slaves in Facece

The Sol (0,0) - Barnards Star (-1,0) Trade Route


'Wir sind die Roboter'

This is the safest of the lucrative trading runs. It's also legal and morally sound, unlike many others. You will never get attacked in either Sol or Barnards so there is no need for any weaponry. Also, there will be Federal military missions going in both directions. The Sol system is a tourist trap, and produces large amounts of luxury goods. Take these to Barnards-- you will make a mint in no time. If you can't afford luxury goods, fresh produce from the green worlds of Sol will also yield a tidy profit. Try fruit & veg or grain. On the way back to Sol carry robots or computers. Barnards Star contains Birminghamworld, an aptly named industrial centre. The system of Sol eagerly awaits fresh shipments of industrial goods so always check the BBS first (people often pay double for imported robots). Farm machinery also makes a profit but not as much as robots or computers. This trade route is the best way to get established in the game, since the profits are so easy to make. You can't go wrong, and you won't get attacked.

The Cemiess (-2,-2) Enterprise

Cemiess Enterprise

'Diamonds are forever'

For those who can fight, Cemiess is a great place to make lots of money. Gems and precious metals have large, negative prices-- you get paid thousands of credits to take them away, since they are illegal. You can dump them and still make loads of money, or export them to a nearby system and get paid even more. If you have a Viper fitted with a Class 3 Military drive, a jump all the way to Achenar is possible, but you'll only be able to carry a few tonnes. (The negative prices of gems and precious metals is in fact a bug, and not present in later versions of the game.)

Negative prices in Cemiess

The Sol (0,0) - van Maanens (0,1) - Barnards Star (-1,0) Trade Route


'Give 'em what they really want'

This is an extension of the Sol-Barnards route and will make you a lot of money. It will, however, require you to have in your possession a Guardian's Permit, otherwise you'll face a permit violation fine every time you jump into van Maanens. Firstly, in Sol, fill up your cargo hold with as many tonnes of luxury goods as possible (make sure you have enough fuel though) and check the BBS for missions going there (they'll provide you with a permit), then make the jump into van Maanens Star. If you didn't acquire a permit pay the fine straight away. Now, sell the luxury goods on the Black Market (Perry Holdings are usually a good bet but watch out for fake dealers) and you'll make a huge profit. Once happy, replenish your fuel tanks and buy lots of fruit & veg. Check the BBS and then jump into Barnards Star. Sell your fruit & veg here (check the BBS first-- someone might offer you double for them) and buy robots. Jump back to Sol and sell the robots for another big profit. (You can also pick up Federal military missions along the way.)

The Achenar (1,-4) - Facece (0,-4) Trade Route


'Luxury fuel'

This trading run takes place in the heart of the Imperial Empire and therefore is very safe. You will not need any weapons. Achenar, like Sol, exports vast quantities of luxury goods, so fill up your cargo hold with luxury goods, check the BBS for military missions and packages, passages etc, and head off into Facece. Once in Facece check the BBS for anyone wishing to pay higher prices for luxury goods, and failing that sell them on the open market for a tidy profit. This route, like Facece-Vequess, allows you to gain quick rank in the Imperial Navy. From Facece, stock up on military fuel (to trade, not to use-- radioactives, a waste product of military fuel, are illegal in Achenar) and sell this for a smaller profit in Achenar.

The Enfacan (-3,-4) - Enioar (-3,-4) Trade Route


'Precious, precious metals'

This trade route finds you quite far from the core systems in the dangerous Frontier Worlds, and you will certainly encounter pirates when there. The trade route offers the chance to make a 100% profit by taking precious metals from Enfacan to Enioar. Precious metals are in demand in Enioar and fetch around 3,000 CR, and you can pick them up in Enfacan for around 1,500 CR. Also, in Enioar, check the BBS, as people may even pay more for your much sought-after precious metals.


Thanks to Dmitry Blinoff for providing this trade route.

The Ayurso (4,0) Enterprise

Ayurso Enterprise

'Far out, man'

Ayurso (4,0): a system 'in a state of civil war'. It's tricky to get to-- my usual method was to go to CD-3715492 to stock up on the best trade items, then jump to Epsilon Indi and refuel. From here, make a wormhole jump to Enioeth (3,-82) and on to Ayurso. To give you an idea of the fuel consumption, my Boa uses 6t to get from Epsilon Indi to Enioeth, and 12t from Enioeth to Ayurso, so the whole trip used 36t. Unless equipped with a fuel scoop, take enough fuel to get back, as the starport there only has about 4t in stock. Needless to say, this route is more suited to bigger vessels. The reason is that these people have virtually nothing! Although a big profit can be made on almost any item, the best are robots, hand weapons and medicines. Plus, every time you go there, have some radioactives stashed in one corner of the hold, because on occasion, there will be an advert on the BBS offering a huge amount of money for them. (UK Version only.)


Thanks to Simon Williams for providing this trade route.

The Eta Cassopeia (0,2) - AC+79'3888 (0,2) Trade Route

Eta Cassopeia-AC+79'3888

'Arms exports'

Eta Cassopeia is the main Federal military base for the Navy so you can make a huge profit taking battle weapons from this system to the nearby system of AC+79'3888. There is a big profit, but it is illegal, so if you do not want to risk getting caught take luxury goods instead. On the way back you can take either medicines or robots because people on the BBS in Eta Cassopeia will sometimes offer you double the price. Also, if you have passenger cabins, you could make extra money, because people nearly always want to travel between the two star systems.


Thanks to Ashley Groombridge for providing this trade route.

The Exqugre (-4,2) - Esscangre (-4,2) Trade Route


'Coast in and kill'

This trade route is between the systems of Exqugre and Esscangre (-4,2) which are both anarchical systems. You can buy precious metals and gem stones (often out of stock though) in Esscangre, and take them to Exqugre where you buy narcotics, battle weapons, or hand weapons, which are also often out of stock. Not to worry though, the trading isn't the primary purpose of the route. Being anarchical systems, you get attacked a lot, which means bounties and improved Elite rating. The trade just makes sure you can cover costs. The real beauty of this route is that these systems are only 2.85 ly apart. It only takes 2 tonnes of fuel to get, for example, a fully armed Constrictor between both places. This leaves plenty of space for a few expensive trade items to attract the pirates, and make lots of money. You could even trade down to a smaller drive for even more space and less fuel requirements. When you arrive in Esscangre, you're about 50 AU away from the nearest base, but you can speed up and coast in fairly easily. This isn't really an issue when the systems are so close anyway.


Thanks to Tim Elder for providing this trade route.

The Ross 154 (-1,0) - Barnards Star (-1,0) Trade Route

Ross 154-Barnards Star

'The poor animals'

This trade route is another one ideal for beginner commanders wishing to make some quick cash at the beginning of the game. To acquire enough cash to begin the trade route proper, you'll need to trade fruit & veg or some other commodity, then when you have enough to trade animal furs, fill up with them and take them to Barnards Star. Animal furs are illegal in Barnards Star so you'll be able to pick up quite a price for them on the black market-- watch out for bogus dealers. For the return journey to Ross 154 take robots, and check the BBS once back because people on Ross 154 will sometimes pay double for them.


Thanks to Marc Bennett for providing this trade route.

As Marc Bennett suggested, Ross 154-Barnard's Star is a good starting trade route. However, once you have a little cargo space, money, weapons and battle experience, it is better to take animal skins from Ross 154 to Arcturus, where they are illegal and ship back live animals which are illegal on Ross 154. Unlike Barnard's Star, Arcturus has some pirates that don't let you get bored to death with those repetative cargo runs :-)


Thanks to Alex Shovkoplyas for this extra information.

The Cemiess (-2,-2) - Cegreeth (-1,-3) - Barnards Star (-1,0) Trade Route

Cemiess-Cegreeth-Barnards Star

'Barnard's slaves'

Go to Cemiess (-2,-2) and get a hold full of illegal gems and precious metals (watch out for fake dealers!), take a trip to Cegreeth (-1,-3), sell the gems and metals and buy a hold full of slaves (remember the cargo bay life support or you're going to have some very expensive fertilizer!). Then set course for Barnards Star (-1,0) and sell your slaves on the BBS. Unfortunately, you can't make any real money on the trip from Barnards Star to Cemiess, however, you don't need that extra money as this trip makes a bundle of cash. Also there are quite a few pirates on this trip to take up your Elite rating.


Thanks to Robert Waldock for providing this trade route.

The Sol (0,0) - Lalande 21185 (0,0) Trade Route

Sol-Lalande 21185

'Don't lose your nerves'

First, take liquor or luxury goods from Sol to Lalande 21185. The profit is only small, and there are usually pirates in Lalande 21185, but this helps boost Elite rating. When in Lalande 21185, buy up on narcotics and nerve gas, or for the more legal dealer, computers and robots (which are cheaper here than in Barnards Star). On return to Sol, go to Mars High, and look on the BBS for Brennans Holdings (he should always be here). Being Sol, the possibility exists for earning double on the computers or robots, but selling the narcotics and nerve gas earns nearly a triple profit. With the money made off these items, it should be enough to pay any fine and still make a large profit.


Thanks to Commander Abs for providing this trade route.

The Barnards Star (-1,0) - Lalande 25372 (0,0) Trade Route

Barnards Star-Lalande 25372

'More illegal dealings'

While it's only a one way trade route, in Lalande stock up first on narcotics, then when you have enough money buy a Cargo Bay Life support and stock up on slaves and fill the rest of the space with narcotics. Sell your contraband to Haynes in Boston Base orbiting Birminghamworld. To avoid getting attacked by pirates in Lalande, fly your ship away from Boston Base until you're an AU away from Birminghamworld, then jump-- that way the pirates don't check your hyperspace cloud.


Thanks to Commander Kris Taylor for providing this trade route.

The Lalande 25372 (0,0) - Sol (0,0) Trade Route

'Illegal dealings, part deux'

Go to Lalande 25372, dock and load up on slaves, narcotics and hand weapons. Ensure you have cargo bay life support. If you want to take the time to only get slaves you will maximize your profits. You double your money on every one of these items but the profit on slaves is about 900cr/ton whereas hand weapons and narcotics is about 400-600cr/ton, although depending on cargo space it may take a long time to accumulate slaves only.
Jump to Sol and go to Mars High and sell at Brennan Holdings which is a reputable dealer. Load up on Luxury goods and return to Lalande 25732. Manual cruise about 1AU from Mars then jump to avoid pirates in Lalande or just jump right away if you want the action. Keep doing the trade route and upgrading your ship until you get a Panther Clipper. The more tonnage you can carry the more money you will make.


Thanks to Commander Kris Taylor for providing this trade route.

The Achenar (1,-4 ) Enterprise

The city of Captiol, Achenar

'Imperial Holdings'

Achenar, the Imperial capital and seat of the Emperor, can provide some very profitable, and safe, trading. Slaves and hand weapons are both in great demand and are often sought on the BBS at around twice the market price. To take advantage of this, load up with either fruit & veg. or animal meat and head south to one of the colonies on Aexeth (0,-5), Miphifa (0,-5), Essaa (1,-5) or Ackzece (1,-5). Any of these will give a healthy profit that will more than pay for the trip down and all have slaves and hand weapons available at reasonable prices (around half the Achenar market price). Before leaving check the BBS for anything or anyone heading in that direction. For the return run check out the BBS for any deliveries to Achenar - the Imperial Navy often has them - which will increase the overall profit and ratings, then fill up with slaves or hand weapons and head back. Check the BBS on arrival and, if necessary, move to another depot or trading post to sell the cargo on the black market at four times the original price!! Continue this loop until enough profit has been made, or until intense boredom sets in. Note that these runs are very safe, with the exception of Aexeth - where there are a few pirates to be found - and they offer the chance of huge profits.

In addition to this run, Facece (0,-4) - next door to Achenar - often has computers and luxury goods on the BBS at twice the market price, which are available at reasonable prices on any of the southern systems, and there are often deliveries and people going between Achenar and Facece. It is easy to develop a trade "triangle" between Achenar, Facece and one or more of the southern systems using a combination of trade goods and deliveries that will reward the enterprising pilot with vast wealth and status in a very short period of time.


Thanks to Commander Phil Ashton for providing this very useful information.

An Imperial refinery, where slaves toil