Sharoma Frontierverse Guides Controls


A complete control list for the PC version of Frontier: Elite 2.

General Controls Function
A Tilt down
Z Pull up
> Tilt to starboard
< Tilt to port
Right SHIFT Reverse thrust
Enter Forward thrust
R Engage Radar Mapper
Alt. + F8 When possible, force a miss-jump
+ & - Zoom out and in respectively
Right Mouse Button and 'move mouse' Ship manoeuvres, pressing LMB fires lasers
Escape (twice) Pause game (options menu)
? Engage Hyperspace Cloud Analyser
D (when equipped with Military Camera) Take photograph
D (when equipped with MB4 mining machine) Deploys MB4
H Hyperspace to target destination
Space Bar Fire laser(s)
E Engage ECM
X (when equipped with an Escape Pod) Eject from ship
B Deploy Energy Bomb
M Fire missile at target
Other Controls Function
C Centre system map to current location
Print Screen key Print the current screen for future pasting
In external view: the cursor keys, or number pad buttons 8264 Rotate ship, the + & - zoom
To move cursor without mouse Hold Alt-cursor keys or number pad buttons 8264
Insert Toggles screen in system map
Right Shift (in the system map) Speeds up scrolling in the system map
To use stardreamer without mouse Shift-+ F1 to F5
F Key Shortcuts Function
F1 Changes ship view
F2 Toggles galactic and system maps
F3 Toggles status screens
F4 Communications
F5 Toggles between Scanner and HUD
F6 Planet information
F7 Switches between control methods
F8 Hyperspace control
F9 Undercarriage mechanism control
F10 Enables / Disables on-screen info text