Sharoma Frontierverse Files


Here are plenty of files to gorge yourself on. Many of the files on offer have been contributed by various people, and they are credited in the descriptions of those files. The various versions of the Frontier game itself, bar the shareware version, are not strictly legal, but are offered because of their usefulness to non-English speakers. Their use is ultimately limited anyway, since any post-Win9x operating system will encounter problems when trying to run Frontier. Please do not e-mail me with any problems getting Frontier to run on your operating system. The fact of the matter is, Frontier is a very old game, designed to run on pre-Windows 95 machines. Just read below instead.

OpenGL Frontier

Unless you fancy a challenge, ignore the game versions offered in the Game section, and instead download OpenGL Frontier, which will run natively. The graphics have been improved, and the music and sound effects can also be added. Tom Morton's site has the necessary links to download the game for Linux and Windows. Before e-mailing with problems running Frontier, make sure you've tried OpenGL Frontier first.

DOSbox Guide

For information on how to run Frontier using DOSbox, please check the DOSbox Guide.

Miscellaneous files

Here are some paraphernal files to download.

File Name Author Size Information
Desktop Icons Collection Robin Sharrock 2KB A collection of Frontier related icons. Use them in your desktop shortcuts to Frontier.
Wallpaper Collection Various People 122KB A collection of Frontier wallpaper. Some excellent images. See for yourself.
FE2 Winamp Skins Commander Steve 81KB Winamp skins for the Frontier games.
Music Various People 81KB All the tunes from Frontier in midi format.
Fonts Various People 42KB Fonts for Frontier, including the 'Frontier Font' that's just like the one in Frontier: Elite 2.
Game Codes JF Turner 7KB The French, English and German protection codes.
EBBS Samples Dylan Smith 3KB The template files for creating your own uplink to the EBBS. (EBBS admin link.)