Sharoma Red Alert Guide Campaign example

Campaign example

Here you'll see a 23 screenshot run through of a skirmish game I played against just four computer players to highlight some useful tips. The map was 'Super Bridgehead', and I played as a Red Soviet team. The tactics employed are somewhat rudimentary, but then the simpler the method, the less there is to go wrong. As there are 23 pictures I have decided to link them rather than force narrowband users through a long waiting period while they all load.

'Army Group 1 Assault'

The first forces to engage the enemy; Army Group 1, made up of just one armoured division, lunges west to engage the enemy in the fight for the northern ore field. The enemy has superior numbers but Army Group 1 have armoured superiority and are thus able to destroy the enemy forces and hold the ore field until reinforcement troops can arrive, in the form of a 5th (Parachute) Division made up of mostly infantry and some artillery. With just the 1st Armoured Division present for now, the army group is fast and powerful, and was able to strike quickly against a vulnerable enemy. However, it can't fight long without aid from support troops. It is designed to deal with the enemy armour and then hang on until the infantry can arrive.

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'Ore Field Secured'

The ore field is now secured as reinforcement support forces have arrived and been deployed. These include V2 rocket launchers positioned behind the safety of the heavy tanks to take out infantry squads, rifle infantry to skirmish with enemy infantry, and rocket soldiers to provide anti-aircraft support for the entire army group. As you can see, an attacking Hind helicopter is under heavy fire.

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'Retreat to repair'

The core of the army group (including units damaged during the fight for the ore field) are withdrawn to undergo repairs and form the basis of a new army group that will drive south. The force left behind is given status as a holding force and will remain to keep the ore trucks safe and prevent the enemy from retaking the ore field.

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Paratroopers are dropped in to reinforce the worn down infantry squads of the 5th (Parachute) Division at captured Ore Field North.

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'Newly formed Army Group 1 drives south'

Remnants from the original Army Group 1 (now fresh from repairs) and a compliment of new heavy tanks have been merged to create a new Army Group 1 and are beginning to drive south. A couple of V2s provide some support against the advance troops of an enemy force heading north. The former Army Group 1 at Ore Field North (including its 5th Division) is now reassigned as Army Group 2.

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'Doomed Tesla Tank'

Back at Ore Field North the holding force takes out an enemy Tesla Tank, while replacement tanks are added to the force in preparation for its remobilization into an attacking force as Army Group 2.

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'Army Group 1 seizes the bridge'

The new Army Group 1 has pushed on to the bridge after battling with the brown force it encountered. The decision is made to destroy the bridge as yellow units begin to cross and threaten the army group, which is already under fire from brown forces.

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'Army Group 1 awaits reinforcement'

Army Group 1 sees continued combat as brown reserves are sent in wave after wave. Reinforcements are now on the way and the army group awaits them.

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'Position secure'

The reinforcements have now arrived and the position is secured. Meanwhile a brand new Army Group, made up of two medium sized divisions of tanks, and a division of V2 rocket launchers (still under construction) is en route to the brown base in the south. On arrival on the outskirts of the base it will be split into its two divisions and will begin an assault (the artillery division will follow later). Army Group 1 is now, like Army Group 2 in the north, given status as a holding force and digs in to defend the central sector of the map. This allows an unhindered flow of traffic to and from Army Group 3 and also means that full attention can be given to Army Group 3's assault.

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'Army Group 3 secures right flank'

Newly formed Army Group 3, split into two divisions, sends its 1st Division into combat. It moves to secure the right flank and engages brown forces and ore trucks. Its Reserve Division (the 7th) will hang back to defend the ore field and prevent any more brown units getting through to threaten Army Group 1, which may have to turn itself around soon and face probing attacks from the green forces.

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'Pushing south'

Army Group 3's 1st Division has fought its way through the brown base forces and entered the confines of the base, and severly worn down, it is withdrawn from combat while fresh troops from the Army Group's 7th Division are brought in to start assaulting the base.

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'V2 support for the seige'

Army Group 3, now engaging the enemy base, requires its V2 support to start taking out defence structures. V2s, assigned as the 4th (Artillery) Division and escorted by two heavy tanks, are moved into position at the beseiged base. The 1st Division of Army Group 3 has been badly mauled and limps back to base for repairs.

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'Army Group 1 faces attack'

Army Group 1 is facing attack from the green base to the North West and turns to defend itself. Army Group 1 is now on alert, and preparations are made for its remobilization; Fresh tanks are despatched. All other operations are put on hold as the decision is made to totally destroy the menace of the green base. Army Group 3's 4th Artillery Division continues to bombard the brown base, but the tanks of the 7th Division hang back. The 1st Division is still undergoing repairs.

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'Army Group 1 counter thrusts'

Army Group 1, having been reinforced by a small compliment of fresh tanks, starts to push home a counter thrust against the green base.

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'Army Group 2 closes pincer'

Army Group 2, now remobilized at Ore Field North, closes the pincer on the green base. Army Group 3's 1st Division is undergoing repairs back at base and new tanks are being built to reinforce it and get it back into operation as soon as possible.

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'Merging and Purging'

With both depleted by heavy combat against the greens, Army Groups 1 and 2 are merged. Once the remnants of the green base forces are dealt with weaker units will be withdrawn and the group will be assigned as Army Group 2, the bulk of its units being made up from that group. Whilst this army group is rested and reinforced briefly, attention is turned once more to Army Group 3.

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'Distraction Flanking'

Army Group 3 (now made up of the 4th Artillery and 7th Armoured Divisions) has destroyed the brown base and pushes on to attack the yellows in a distraction attack. It will then withdraw east and draw out yellow base troops while Army Group 2 drives south on the far west of the map to outflank the yellows and engage the base.

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Army Group 3, in attacking the base and retreating back eastwards, has encountered heavier resistance than expected. Its 1st Division, completely armoured, is now back up to full strength and is despatched to aid the group in attacking the yellow force it distracted from the base. Army Group 2's short rest is over and it too must now turn and drive south towards the yellow base. There was only enough time for a minor reinforcement.

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'Reserves await orders'

Army Group 2 begins its assault on the base. Back at base, a Reserve Force - 6th (Armoured) Division - made up of repaired units from Army Groups 1 and 2 and fresh units that are constantly being built, awaits orders should it be required. Meanwhile, Army Group 3, now reinforced by its 1st Armoured Division, regroups and heads to attack the yellow base from the east. The yellows are in full retreat and the writing is on the wall for them with two entire army groups threatening their base.

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'Final Assault'

Army Groups 2 and 3 push home the final assault on the yellow base, seeing very heavy combat. The 6th Division is put on alert and ordered south.

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'6th Division en route to mop up'

As the last forces and buildings are dealt with the 6th Division heads to the base to speed up the "mopping up" process, such as destroying rogue ore trucks.

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'Last stand of the ore trucks'

The last enemy unit is destroyed, bringing victory to the Reds. Some units of Army Group 2 have seen almost constant combat since the opening assault on Ore Field North. Casualties have been high, but manageable. At all times since the opening assault by the original Army Group 1, at least two operational army groups have been maintained with at least one seeing combat at any one time. The constant ferrying of damaged units back to base and fresh ones to replace them, as well as entirely new divisions as reinforcement, has meant that every single fully operational unit was either fighting or en route to a combat zone.

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'Total kills'

A kill tally of 1027 brings to an end a satisfying game.

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