Sharoma hosts various websites relating to music, history, gaming and fiction. Feel free to contact me about any subject. All content is free and donations help to keep the site going. If you came here to see content that is no longer linked, have a search or contact me directly. The Talking Heads 5.1 Downmixes are still available in FLAC format.

Cassette Trading

I began trading rare music in 2000, specialising in The Clash and post punk bands. The classic format to swap music was of course recordable CDs. This led to USB sticks containing FLAC files. Finally these too were made redundant by torrenting and file sharing. With CDs now in a nadir phase, the compact cassette is in vogue. To celebrate this revival I am relaunching my trading service with an emphasis on cassette tapes.


Sharoma originally launched in 1999 to host Frontierverse, a website devoted to a space sim called Frontier: Elite 2. In preparation for next year's Gran Turismo 7, why not check out my guide to Gran Turismo: Sport? You may also find my World of Warships: Legends guide helpful. I also wrote a guide to Command & Conquer: Red Alert a long time ago.


Between 2007 and 2019 the Talking Heads Downmixes received renown for their extra clarity compared to the official 2005 remasters (see Loudness War). I used MiniDisc and budget equipment to achieve a different listening experience. Further experiments can be found with OOPS, D-503 and R-13.


I have written a number of fiction works. I plan to write more in the future. If you wish to check out my profile on Goodreads, feel free!


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