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Red Alert

A website devoted to the real-time strategy (RTS) game Command & Conquer: Red Alert. For the definitive Red Alert site check out the Red Alert Archive. I've since moved on to Rise of Nations which satisfies my RTS cravings.

Red Alert League?

'Red Alert' was one of the first games to be played competitively online. Personally, my first online game was in 1999. The Red Alert League was originally set up for a group of friends who wished to pit their varying skills against each other in the arena of combat. A league table was compiled and matches set up. However, various things ensured this enterprise would fail, mostly the demise of Westwood Chat, the advent of Windows XP and apathy from all concerned. This site was instead turned into an alternative guide for the game and was written in early 2002.

Here is a shot of the old site running in the Oregano browser for RISCOS.


OpenRA is the modern interpretation of Red Alert and comes very highly recommended. It will run on modern operating systems and has many new features. Feel free to browse some screenshots I took while playing it.