Sharoma Gaming History

Gaming History

This is a list of the video games I considered mastered, with the year that I first played (which will not match the publication year). The format is the one on which I played the game. If you would like to discuss any of these games, please visit the Forum.

Game Format Year Notes
Zarch Archimedes 1988 First played the demo Lander.
E-Type Jag Archimedes 1989 Sensitive mouse-based steering.
Lemmings Archimedes 1991 The best port of this game.
Super Monaco GP Mega Drive/Genesis 1992 Engaging, challenging story.
ESWAT Mega Drive/Genesis 1992 Difficult. Took many attempts.
Road Rash, RRII Mega Drive/Genesis 1993 Sublime. Music, looks, story, gameplay.
PGA Tour Golf II Mega Drive/Genesis 1993 Perfect.
Streets of Rage 2 Mega Drive/Genesis 1993 G.O.A.T.
Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix IBM PC, Amiga 1993 First proper F1 sim. A revelation.
Wolfenstein 3D IBM PC 1993 At the time, the most fun ever.
Street Fighter II SCE Mega Drive/Genesis 1993 The event of the year.
FIFA, '95, '96 Mega Drive/Genesis 1994 Played to death.
Domark's F1 Mega Drive/Genesis 1994 A fine game for the time.
Cannon Fodder Archimedes 1994 Again, the best version of this.
Desert Strike Mega Drive/Genesis 1994 Advanced and rewarding.
F1 & F1 '97 PlayStation 1996 The reason I switched to PS.
Command & Conquer PC, PlayStation 1996 The reason I switched to RTS.
Transport Tycoon Deluxe PC, PlayStation 1996 I will always adore this game.
SimCity 2000 PC 1996 Addictive passion for town planning.
C&C Red Alert PC, PlayStation 1997 Became an obsession.
Gran Turismo PlayStation 1998 The impact of this is still felt today.
Warhammer: Dark Omen PlayStation, PC 1998 An unknown classic. Required real skill.
Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2 PC 1999 Lost a few years to this.
Frontier: Elite 2 PC 1999 A summer obsession gone too far...
SimCity 3000 PC 2000 Calming. Wish I could play it today on Linux.
Grand Theft Auto 3 PlayStation 2 2001 At the time, the best there had ever been by far.
Return To Castle Wolfenstein PC 2001 Nostalgia and novelty, curtains drawn on sunny days.
C&C Red Alert 2 PC 2002 A very enjoyable sequel, only just lacking the magic.
C&C Generals PC 2003 Mastered it but didn't enjoy it much.
Blitzkrieg PC 2003 Notoriously difficult at times.
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory PC 2004 Summer was lost to this.
Rise of Nations: Gold PC 2004 The ultimate RTS. Played it to death.
Tennis Wii 2012 I remain unbeaten.
Gran Turismo: Sport PlayStation 4 Pro 2019 My first Platinum trophy.
World of Warships: Legends PS4 Pro / PS5 2021 Satisfying when victorious through skill and audacity.
Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation 5 2022 Platinum achieved in under three months.

Certain games, such as Civilisation II, consumed much of my time. They are not mentioned because I did not master them. I was notoriously bad at Civ2. I never completed Ecco the Dolphin, I gave up on Dune 2 and although I very much enjoyed messing about on G-Police, it too was never completed. Other games (such as Pacman which I played on Archimedes) are omitted due to their sheer popularity; Every Genesis player naturally mastered the original Sonic game. Finally, certain games which did not require much effort to master are not included. For example, the original Need For Speed on PlayStation

Last updated: 4 June 2022.