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Grand Prix 2

In March 2012, for the first time in thirteen years, I began to play this notable motor racing simulation. This is where I will document my results. Please click on the driver name to view the race playlist, or an individual result to view that race. Practice and qualifying sessions used to be included as part of the race playlists but have since been moved to their own.

Formula 1

Year Driver 1 BRA 2 PAC 3 SMR 4 MON 5 ESP 6 CAN 7 FRA 8 GBR 9 GER 10 HUN 11 BEL 12 ITA 13 POR 14 EUR 15 JPN 16 AUS Pts WDC
1988 Mauricio Gugelmin [Q&P] Ret 9 2 Ret 5 3 Ret Ret Ret 4 1 1 1 2 1 2 63 3rd
1992 Ukyo Katayama [Q&P] 4 5 3 Ret Ret Ret 8 4 12 1 Ret 3 2 5 4 Ret 37 5th
1982 Gilles Villeneuve [Q&P] 13 Ret 1 1 5 1 Ret 2 3 1 1 1 1 Ret Ret 1 84 1st
1995 Jean Alesi [Q&P] Ret 3 1 1 8 2 2 1 3 1 1 13 Ret 1 Ret 1 90 1st
1994 Driver TBA [Q&P] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Bold indicates pole position and italics indicate fastest lap. For the 1988 season I did not record fastest laps, but I definitely achieved some, and will go back to note them down eventually. Until then, the 1988 row is not confirmed.)


It is my intention to put GP2 to rest upon completion of a full 'ace' season with no mods or any alterations to the game. The choice of driver is yet to be determined but suggestions are welcome.


In January 2016, after enjoying four seasons (1993-96) of IndyCar races on YouTube, I decided to emulate this finest of motor racing eras. I chose to drive as Raul Boesel because in these three years he proved very consistent and hungry for victory, but was denied due to luck or the superior machinery of other drivers. Although oval racing is far from ideal in Grand Prix 2, I still wanted to include it. Yet, because a number of American tracks used in the series aren't available, I decided to create my own schedule of races, made up of tracks that are not part of the official game or my F1 seasons above. Therefore, this is a custom season made purely for entertainment and enjoyment. I've wanted to learn the IndyCar tracks for some time, and now I can, albeit within the limits of the GP2 engine.

Please note: I am well aware that this mod is far from ideal. GP2 purists might eschew the use of any mods, be they graphical or audio. As stated above, this season is for enjoyment and entertainment only. It is not claiming to be an IndyCar simulation[1], merely my own experiments with an old game. I am aware that IndyCar races commence with a rolling start or that the AI isn't specifically programmed to deal with oval racing.

Year Driver 1 ZAN 2 MIL 3 RAM 4 DIJ 5,6 LAS 7,8 FON 9,10 VAN 11,12 LBH 13 CLV 14 MOH 15,16 DET 17,18 USA 19 PRT 20 POC 21 MNT Pts DC
1993 Raul Boesel [Q&P] 1 1 4 1 19 5 1 2 24 19 5 2 2 6 1 1 10 23 24 14 16 227 1st
Year Driver 1 SUR 2 MIL 3 RAM 4 RIO 5 MDL 6 LAS 7,8 FON 9,10 VAN 11 LBH 12 CLV 13 MOH 14,15 DET 16,17 USA 18 PRT 19 TOR 20 POC 21 MNT Pts DC
1994 Nigel Mansell [Q&P] 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- --
     Oval/Speedway/Super Speedway      Permanent Road Course/Airport      Temporary Street Circuit

Bold indicates pole position and italics indicate fastest lap.

The IndyCar points system for this era is as follows: 1st 20 2nd 16 3rd 14 4th 12 5th 10 6th 8 7th 6 8th 5 9th 4 10th 3 11th 2 12th 1. A point is awarded for pole position and the point for most laps led (see below) will instead go to the driver with the fastest race lap.

Note - In Grand Prix 2, there is no system to allow:

  1. Rolling starts
  2. White Flag
  3. Determination of most laps led
  4. Full course caution or pace cars
  5. Races above 124 laps
  6. A field with more than 26 drivers


I play on a 2007 laptop which runs Windows Vista, and use the DOSBox CTRL-ALT-F5 method of recording the races. Due to the limited performance of my computer, all races are recorded in low-resolution VGA mode. On June 8th, 2014 I switched to a Windows 7 laptop from 2010 which still cannot record in SVGA mode. I use a $10 'PS2-style' digital joypad [picture]. The difficulty level in all seasons is Ace with no driver aids enabled. The sixteen default tracks of 1994 are used, and the carsets are put together using material gathered from the excellent GP2 website. (I may add downloads to these carsets later on.)

Points are awarded according to the system used during that year's real life season. Up to and including 1990 offers nine points for a win; 1991 and after is ten points. 1988 and 1982 therefore offer nine points for a win, whereas '92 and '95 give ten. All possible car failures are enabled for every championship race, and the odds of failure are usually noted in the details for each race. The frame rate for the 1988 season is approximately 1.5x real time; slightly slower for '82 and '92, and for 1995 I am hoping it is closer to real time[2]. The length of the practice and qualifying sessions also varies and has been reduced each season (to add excitement), but races are always run at full distance (according to the 1994 number of laps).

System Update

In late 2017 the long-awaited hardware upgrade finally took place and races can now be ran and recorded in SVGA mode with all background items and options enabled. The first race on the brand new machine was the 1994 Gold Coast IndyCar Grand Prix from Surfers Paradise.


There is also a lengthy playlist of non-championship footage, many of which are 100% distance races, the results of which are not recorded here because they were not part of official seasons, earning no points and thus do not count toward any rankings. However, since they aren't championship events, many of the races are run on (excellent) custom circuits, such as Brands Hatch, Dijon-Prenois and the Österreichring. There is also a smaller Formula 3000 playlist which I may sporadically add to. Other future plans include at least one IndyCar season, as I am fond of American open wheel racing.

Here is a 'Ten Best' playlist I created from the non-championship series.


Grand Prix 2 is available as a free download if you search for it. Try to acquire the 'oldgames' installer with DOSBox included.

[1] The 'Indy' season of GP2 is meant to allow for some track familiarisation before the move over to IndyCar Racing II. ICRII will be the game I attempt to master, from scratch, once the final un-modded Grand Prix 2 season is completed.

[2] It took me a while to tweak this. Disabling the 'sky' texture in the first season probably led to it running faster than actually desired, but I had to do this to prevent excessive slowdown, which due to interference with joypad input, makes driving more difficult. The speed of the 1988 and 1992 seasons may also have led to the development of reduced reaction times. Such is the age of my machine that during the summer months the overheating to which it is prone caused a loss in CPU performance, resulting in slowdown. Round 8 of 1995 was the first race on the newer laptop, and it ran approximately two minutes shorter than real time over a 90 minute period. For the next round I reduced the frame rate from 12.8 to 12.1.