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Frontierverse has a varied and colourful history. Lots of people have contributed to the site over the years, and hopefully I haven't forgotten to mention any of them.


For the latest updates to the site see the Updates page.


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Site statistics & trivia


I would like to thank Frontier and Amiga guru Stuart Wilson for his diligence and continued support with this website and all things Frontier. Also, thanks to Simon Challands, Kevin Prest, Tracey Fields, Dylan Smith, Zat Solo, Brad Chacos, Andrei Tanase, Mic Healey, Travis LaJoie, Phil Raqoon, Cris Robson, Andy Purnell, Jonathan Stott, Dan Lind, Adam Green, Kris Kania, Theunis de Jong, Alexander Whiteside, Tony Sæle, 'RedWizard', Tournié, David Parrott (beloved 'Xama') and everyone mentioned on the Updates page.


MIA - 'Main Image Archive'

MIA: Shows the evolution and some concepts for the Frontierverse main image, plus older versions and other ideas.

Other images

FM-2 was a rather bloated site content-wise, and lots of images were gathered to pad it out. I've added some of the more interesting and, err, pretty ones here for your enjoyment.

The Order of Elite

The Order of Elite
Awarded to Commander Robin Sharrock