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Pictures from the Frontier

These screenshots were taken many moons ago, on a Win98 system running an original version of Frontier. Since the graphics set is all the more nicer, I've started a directory of images from the OpenGL version of Frontier:

GLFrontier images

Also, since it has a couple of minor cosmetic additions, here are some screenshots from the Amiga CD32 version of Frontier:

CD32 images

Space traffic Suburbian swerving

'Space traffic'

A Cobra Mk. III blasts away from Lave Station as a Long Range Cruiser gets under way carrying what is most probably a shipment of battle weapons destined for Leesti.

'Suburbian swerving'

Throwing caution to the wind, this Eagle pilot is enjoying a low-level flight through downtown Olympus Village. No doubt local office workers are mesmerized with fear.

Calm Columbus The Galaxy

'Calm Columbus'

Basking in the serenity of a relaxed approach to the station orbiting Columbus.

'The Galaxy'

Just how insignificant we really are.

Eagle Mk. I Phobos

'Eagle Mk. I'

The freedom of space. This Eagle soars through space carrying frozen fish without a care in the world.


Ah, Phobos. Blast away at that magical rock and your Elite rating seems to improve.

Grant's Claim Asteroid

'Grant's Claim'

Yearning for the green fields of home. Grant's Claim is a desolate place.


Four points to windward should clear this obstacle.

Mercury orbiter Ship showroom

'Mercury orbiter'

Daedalus station is the closest orbiter to the Sun.

'Ship showroom'

A sexy new Cobra Mk. I in metallic blue with a silver sheen. I want!

Taking a screenshot in Frontier

Taking a screenshot in Frontier is remarkably easy. Here's how to do it (these instructions apply to the PC version only):

  1. Press the 'Print Screen' key on your keyboard. The captured image is then waiting on your computer's clipboard. (If you take another screenshot it will overwrite the previous one.)
  2. 'Alt-Enter' to return to Windows without quitting Frontier, or Control-C if you want to quit Frontier.
  3. Open up a suitable application and paste the image in.
  4. The screenshot then appears in 640x400 resolution
  5. Save the image. As Frontier screenshots are only 256 colours, .png or .gif are fine. It should be no more than 50KB in size.

If you run Frontier in DOS, then the above method won't work. The screenshot won't be saved to your clipboard. It will instead be saved as a .grf file and placed in your Frontier directory. This is no problem. To view it, simply download and use the grf viewer (courtesy of Steve Critchlow). To convert the .grf files into familiar .bmp (Bitmap) format you can also download and use the grf2bmp program, (also courtesy of Steve).


Thanks to Paul Roberts for the CD32 screenshots.