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As you may have realised, Frontier: Elite 2 contains a handful of bugs. It isn't bug-ridden like its sequel was, but it still has its fair share of mistakes. Most likely, Frontier, which had already been in development for five long years, was rushed out in time for Christmas, 1993. Most of the bugs have been fixed in the latest versions and some are fixed using various patches. The good news is that none of them are really detriment to the gameplay and most you won't even notice.

The Beta Tester

In January, 2009, Richard Hewison contacted me with some interesting information and screenshots:

Many years ago I worked freelance for Konami in the UK on testing the Amiga version of Frontier: Elite 2 (I'm credited in the manual as being a tester, but I was only ever involved with the Amiga version). I also plotted the stars from the 3D map in the game onto graph paper which was then used as the template for the poster that came with the game.
I've attached two slightly doctored screenshots of the Frontier development disk for v0.17 on the Amiga. I've removed the name of the person whom the disk was created for, and the telephone number that David (Braben) included. FYI the name was within the square brackets on screen #2 (although I have moved the brackets closer together than they were originally) as well as in the obvious gap.
I also re-discovered a text document on the disk from David, describing the various fixes and new things he had implemented since the last version (in response to things reported to him via me, Gary Penn and Chris Sawyer).

Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2

The text document with the original bug reports was kindly converted into PDF.

Major Bugs with game versions

Here I will tell you about all the major bugs, how they are fixed, what version they appear in and what to do. The Frontier Developments web site has some FAQs which you may find useful and there are many useful patches on the Files page.

UK version, 1993

The first version of Frontier that was sold to the public. The player can actually use the bugs contained in it to cheat in various ways. However, because of the wormholes bug, some consider it the best version of the game. Here are the major bugs present:

Passenger Bug:
Fit a passenger cabin to your ship, and take up a contract to transport somebody. With the person now aboard your ship, go to the shipyard and attempt to sell your ship for a less expensive one. Each time you try, your bank account is credited with the price difference.
Wormhole Bug:
Explained in more detail on the Wormholes page.
Bribe Bug:
Commit a crime, and attempt to bribe the police over and over. Your fine will be in the thousands. Simply claim "I didn't do it!" and your fine drops to 500 credits.
Elite rating Bug:
There is a moon that orbits Mars called Phobos. If you purchase a mining laser and park your ship roughly 5km from it and begin shooting, your Elite rating will improve.
Mining Bug:
The only bug that warranted a patch. Every time you leave an unattended MB4 Mining Machine in a system and try to hyperspace out, the game will crash. The patch can be found on the Files page.
Imperial Ship Bug:
The two Imperial ships, the Courier and the Trader, both only require one crew member. Since that's you, these ships can be flown without the need to hire additional crew members. The game manual, despite erroneous in other ways, stated that the Courier and Trader in fact required three and six crew members respectively.
Cemiess Negativity Bug:
You are paid staggering amounts for the trouble of removing gems and precious metals from the Cemiess system. This creates a very lucrative trade enterprise.

NB: The Amiga and Atari ST versions of the game also feature the same bugs as the original PC UK version.

US and other language versions, 1994

These versions of Frontier are almost totally debugged. From the above list only the Bribe Bug remains.

Amiga CD32 version, 1994

This version of the game is totally debugged with regards to bugs from previous versions. Even the Bribe Bug has been rectified (thanks to Paul for noticing this). There's also no password protection on this version, and apparently it can be copied over to a floppy disk and played on a normal 'real' Amiga for the ultimate Frontier: Elite 2 experience. This version also features the Navigation Computer, an item sold in FFE that allows easier plotting of courses within star systems. According to Stuart Wilson, the CD32 version has a unique bug (the 'CD32 joypad/mouse bug'), whereby the front lasers will fire intermittently when using the mouse. It also has another new bug (the aptly-named 'Flying Instructor' bug, discovered by Paul Roberts) whereby the ship's computers will dutifully attain approximately 50% of your set speed, whether it's high or low, and whether you're flying in space or in an atmosphere.

CD version, 1997

Essentially identical to the 1994 releases, this version was packaged on a games compilation called the 'Award Winners'. The Bribe Bug remains.

Game Manual

The manual contained many mistakes and had no instructions on how the password protection scheme operated. A later version of the manual had some of these errors fixed but the most notable ones are the errors in the ship specifications. The specs were incorrect all over the place and this made them useless. The Frontier manual, in WRI format (Wordpad) with the old incorrect ship specs, is available.

Frontier Developments also released the complete flight manual to Frontier in HTML format, with graphics, in 2001.

Strange happenings and minor bugs

Though not strictly bugs per se, all versions of Frontier are beset with some strange happenings. These are listed below and most are pretty comical. You are welcome to contribute any findings you may have.

'She's a veritable floating city...' Explosive

The graphical glitches can be very annoying indeed. Sometimes spaceports and the area around them flicker constantly and change between green, the proper colour of the land, and blue, which represents sea. Sometimes it's hard to take the game seriously.

When very close to a space station (within 5km) a large cloud of fire covers all of the screen when you fire your laser(s), as you can see in this picture.

System Bugs

System bugs are related to specific star systems in Frontier and problems that you'll encounter there. (Thanks to Stuart Wilson for noticing some of these bugs.)

The Illegal Operation

When running Frontier on Windows 98 you'll often get this error message. It seems to happen most when flying very low over city landscapes on planets. I don't know what causes it but when it happens Frontier will instantly quit and you will be taken back to Windows and greeted with the below message:

Illegal Operation

There is nothing you can do when this happens. Yet another reason to save your game often!

Bad newtonian-physics modelling

The common method of thrusting at maximum speed all the way up to your target (planet or space station) then switching to autopilot to get the ship to easily dock is a bit silly to say the least. While it's invaluable for shaving time off military missions and the like, it's not very realistic. As Rodrigo Cunha points out:

...Considering you reach the vicinity of the planet at nearly the speed of light I can't really understand how can the ship stop so quickly (in a few thousands of kilometers at most). Bug, bad newtonian-physics modelling, call it whatever you want :-)

Problems in German

Dear Robin,
I would like to draw your attention to two very typical bugs in the German version of the game Elite 2 Frontier.
Sometimes in multiple systems the speed controller system doesn't work. For example when I reach the Candaess E - Homeland planet in the Candaess system, the reference stays on the center orb, even when the ship is a few houndred KMs away from it. In these situations the landing is possible only with the robot pilot.
The other problem is: When I would like to find a landing station, the program sometimes switch the data to a multiple systems near object, occasionally even to a star. For example I found this bug on the landing station of the planet New Australia (Griffiths and Chan), in the sector [-6, 9] (A, B1 planet).
The problem is similar when for example the Dickens-Scott, Town-Fortress, Wagner-Hooper landing stations appear on the LUYTEN-154-4165 asteroid.
Commander George from Hungary.

Freezing BBS

I only do miss two things on your site.
First of all is the freezing bulletin board, this occurs most of the time when the messages are all scrolled down and having two or less messages on screen. If you weren't done with the bulletin board, you have to fast forward time until midnight.
Second thing is when you do a mission, photograph or destroy. When flying very low to the surface of the planet (6000m, maybe a bit higher), approaching the target, all enemy ships will crash on the surface of the planet after take off, but the casualties will count for your eliteranking, this saves a lot of shooting ;)


I don't know if you are still maintaining your Frontier site, but thought I'd point out a mistake on it anyway!
If you have a fine to pay to the police you state there is a bug that if you claim 'I didn't do it' the fine resets at 2500 or whatever it may be. That's true in as much as the text says that, but if you pay the fine, the large amount you had racked up is still deducted. I thought this was the case and put it to the test - bribed until my fine was over 1m credits. Even though I claimed I didn't do it and it reset to 2500, when I tried to pay it said I didnt have enough and had to pay 1m by midnight or face jail.
The only good things is that I was at Sol so could take off without clearance - also let me discover that evading fines is another criminal record offence to add to my list - one I had never had before!
Mike (Michael Parrett)

Laser Timing

It's basically just a timing issue with pulse lasers. I played the game on an old Amiga only, so I am not sure if this bug was fixed in later versions. But if you fit your ship with a pulse laser and stop time, you can fire once. Although time is stopped it will still do damage. So to put it to best use was to buy a big ship with a turret and fit it with the biggest pulse laser available. When you got the message of an attack, just pause time and switch to a turret. Then scroll around until you find the enemy and blast it. Usually it just requires one shot. The enemy ship will be replaced with "rubbish" and debris. When you resume time, it will look like it just self detonated.

MB4 Mining Oddity

I found your site searching for a black hole on the Amiga Version of Frontier: Elite 2. I want to share with you a cheat I found several years ago (on the Amiga version). If you have a big ship, you can buy 10 MB4 mining machines and an escape pod. If you escape, the mining machines remain in your cargo and when you dock in a space station you have a new Eagle ship with mining machines in cargo: sell that and you will have a big cargo space :-)

Escape Capsule Experiments

If you have a ship with an Escape Capsule, while you're docked, if you are in the Equipment or Shipyard sections, and launch your Escape Capsule, you can remove the Automatic Pilot and Atmospheric Shielding and equip it how you want! Altogether useless but interesting nonetheless to fly around in an Escape Capsule with an ECM, or Radar Mapper.
Note - if you do this in a space station you will alternatively be dumped in the middle of space, and your Escape Capsule will automatically fly to a random object (it could be a nearby star or space station,) however with space stations it'll sit in the docking bay without docking. Or sometimes it will work. You can also buy ships like this which require more than one crew member, but they'll also fly straight to a random object.
If you do it while landed on a planet with a breathable atmosphere, you can equip and fly your Escape Capsule manually, but if you try to buy another ship it'll just blow up.
In underground stations on rocky planets, it's like with the space stations, sometimes it'll work, many times I've found myself sat directly on top of a Lynx Bulk Carrier.
All the best!
Vince Shears

Free Up Space Bug 2

On CD32 version of Frontier, when playing with a mouse and keyboard. If you clicked one line below the last cargo item's "Jettison" button, the system would jettison 1 ton of "Rubbish" - even if you weren't carrying any. This increased your total cargo capacity each time you did it. Click too rapidly and you could collide with multiple TCs and die.
The save file could be edited to change your ship type. Cobra MkIII -> 30ton capacity, Hyperspace and Laser equipped MISSILE, anyone? (Massive cargo capacity [see above], tiny mass = huge jump range and speed)
-Graham Mills

Scoop Conversion Bug

Sir Frontierverse owner,
I'm a follower of your website since some years ago and am very thankful because of the huge information you can find in it. Today I am proud to write you in order to contribute to the Frontierverse.
I feel I've discovered a bug in Frontier in 2020. When you start the game at Lave, scoop conversion wont work and instead you can fly through the cargo, unless you hyperspace from Lave and then enter the system back. This was tested on the Frontier: Elite 2 Frontierverse version, Amiga CD32, and the Atari ST based upon build, GLFrontier.
I hope the information is worth of your website, as well as the bug to have a fix.

Interference Bug

I'm Alex Le Roux and I found a bug in the Frontier Elite 2 DOSBOX version. I took a mission to kill Mr Diamond of Core Ind. Corp from Ross 154 at Nakasone Station in the Luyten 789-6 [-1,0] System and when I landed and pressed F4 to go buy some more fuel the screen looks like this [Image below] Guess I can't launch without a fine... and a record... Just letting you know of this strange bug I just found!

My mission | When I press F4