Sharoma Frontierverse Data Medals


Ah, medals. The vanity of the human being knows no bounds. Present a man with a glittery piece of gold for risking his life, and he'll go out and do it again to attain a piece of gold with extra glitter, a fancy ribbon and possibly some jewels. Before you weigh down your tunic with precious metals, bear in mind that he who dies with the most medals, still dies.

Medals are attained for the following routine accomplishments:

  1. First delivery of an important item. For example, gravitic detonators.
  2. First delivery of a secret communique.
  3. First successful assassination.
  4. First successful reconnaissance mission.
  5. First reconnaissance mission with resulting excellent film.
  6. First successful bombing mission.

The navies of the Federation and the Empire bestow separate awards on pilots for these deeds. Since you can freelance for either navy, try to acquire both sets of medals and gauge your reception in the Officer's Mess.

Federation Imperial Navy
Certificate of Valour Crimson Brassard
Starburst Black Polygon
Purple Omega Golden Spike
Vermillion Crest Platinum Cross
Blue Excelsior Legion Of Honour
Frontier Medal Celestial Warrior

The Federal medal 'Starburst' was renamed from 'Opal Fruit' a few centuries ago.