Sharoma Frontierverse Data Combat rating

Combat rating

For every 256 destroyed ships you will get the message: "Right On Commander". This is an indication of your advances between the ranks. From the table you can see that you should get Dangerous between the third and the fourth message of this kind. You advance to Deadly between the 11th and 12th message. You should become 'Elite' after the 23rd message.

The type of ship you destroy makes no difference to your Combat Rating. Whether you kill a Panther Clipper that has a Plasma Accelerator, or a Gecko with a Pulse Laser, it still counts as one kill and 256 points.

Rating Points Kills
Harmless 0 0
Mostly Harmless 1,024 4
Poor 2,048 8
Below Average 4,096 16
Average 8,192 32
Above Average 16,384 64
Competent 32,768 128
Dangerous 256,000 1,000
Deadly 768,000 3,000
Elite 1,536,000 6,000