Sharoma Thompson Twins Collection


In terms of actual real copies of Thompson Twins albums, I own them all on various formats. I have all the early ones on tape and vinyl, a handful on CD and some on vinyl only. Of course I also have many homemade CD-Rs of the band's music, as well as bootlegs, live shows and gigs and of course lots of records and tapes.

Compact discs

12 inch albums

12 inch singles and EPs

7 inch singles

Cassette tapes

VHS tapes


[1] An unofficial release, although contains professional artwork.


My collection of Thompson Twins MiniDiscs, with details on one of these:

Various 12 inch singles

'Various 12 inch singles'

A compilation kindly sent to me by Mark Peachey. Contains some real rarities and a sprinkling of gems, such as the extended mix of Long Goodbye. Sourced from vinyls, these are all in excellent sound quality, complete with vinyl crackle of course! This MD also contains lots of rare early tracks; In The Beginning is great and Coastline in particular has always been a favourite of mine.

Recording details
  • Turntable: Rega Planar 2
  • MD Deck: Sony MDS-JB930
  • Codec: SP (ATRAC1 Type-R 292kbps)

Many thanks to Mark for this MiniDisc.