Sharoma The Clash Polydor Demos

Polydor Demos

Tracks 1 - 5 are the demos done for Polydor in late 1976. The producer was Guy Stevens. Track 6 is the version of Listen with part of the Tony Parson's interview dubbed over the top. Track 7 is an alternate mix for the b-side to Tommy Gun.

Track listing

  1. Career Opportunities
  2. White Riot
  3. Janie Jones
  4. London's Burning
  5. 1977
  6. Listen & Interview
  7. 1-2 Crush On You


A good CD, containing the early demos, before The Clash signed to CBS. They are very similar to the official versions, and Janie Jones and Career Opportunities appear on the Clash On Broadway boxset. The lyrics and arrangement are slightly different, as are Joe's pronunciation of the words. In the official Clash documentary, Paul Simonon mentions that when they were doing the sessions for Polydor, the engineer told Joe he had to "mind his Ps and Qs". 1-2 Crush On You has a different mix, with more saxophone present, and a few other minor differences to the official version.

The sound quality is very good on all 7 tracks, but for the Polydor ones the quality is better on the D.O.A. compilation.

Rated: 7 / 10


Thanks to Peter Johansson for the copy of this.