Sharoma The Clash DOA

Demos, Outtakes, Alternates

Double disc collection of rare Clash material. 54 unreleased songs.

Track listing

Disc 1

Disc 2

Polydor Demos:

01 - Career Opportunities
02 - White Riot
03 - Janie Jones
04 - London's Burning
05 - 1977

Micky Foote Demos:

06 - Preamble
07 - I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
08 - London's Burning
09 - White Riot [take 1]
10 - White Riot [take 2]
11 - Career Opportunities
12 - 1977
13 - Janie Jones [instrumental]

Film Soundtrack Demos:

14 - Heartbreak Hotel [take 1]
15 - Heartbreak Hotel [take 2]

Promo Video Shoot:

16 - 1977
17 - White Riot
18 - London's Burning
19 - 1977 [alternate mix]
20 - White Riot [alternate mix]

Elisabethan Suite Outtake:

21 - What's My Name

Rude Boy Rehearsal:

22 - Garageland

Rock Against Racism track:

23 - (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

Alternate Mixes:

24 - Clash City Rockers
25 - The Prisoner

B-Side Outtakes:

26 - 1-2 Crush On You
27 - Pressure Drop
28 - The Prisoner

British TV Outtakes:

29 - Clash City Rockers
30 - Tommy Gun
31 - Israelites

'Rope Demos:

01 - All The Young Punks
02 - Safe European Home
03 - Drug-Stabbing Time
04 - Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad
05 - Stay Free
06 - Groovy Times
07 - Last Gang In Town
08 - Ooh Baby Ooh (It's Not Over)
09 - One Emotion

'Rope Outtakes:

10 - All The Young Punks
11 - Stay Free

London Calling era soundcheck:

12 - Baby Please Don't Go
13 - Roadrunner

London Calling rehearsal:

14 - Mona
15 - You Can't Judge A Book

London Calling Outtake:

16 - Revolution Rock [instrumental]

Sandinista! Outtakes:

17 - King Of The Road
18 - Blonde Rock And Roll
19 - Louie Louie

Combat Rock Outtakes:

20 - Know Your Rights
21 - Overpowered By Funk (instrumental)

Combat Rock Alternate Mix:

22 - Cool Confusion

Janie Jones Demo:

23 - House Of The Ju Ju Queen

Joe Strummer Unreleased Song:

24 - In The Pouring Rain


Perhaps the ultimate collection of Clash rarities. Taking you right through their career. From the first sessions for Polydor in late 1976, right up to the outtake for the Janie Jones single in 1982. Along with Clash On Broadway Outtakes and The Rat Patrol you almost have all The Clash demos, outtakes and alternates. The Polydor demos have been discussed elsewhere on the site. The versions here are the excellent quality ones, probably taken straight from the master tapes that now reside in the vaults of Polydor. The Micky Foote demos are another set of first album songs, along with the interesting Janie Jones instrumental and the studio chatter in the background. The highlights of this double disc set for me are the alternate studio mixes of White Man, Clash City Rockers (which I believe is superior to the official version), The Prisoner, 1-2 Crush On You and Pressure Drop. The promo video shoot tracks are also excellent, and are the best alternate versions of White Riot and 1977 (1977 is simply amazing.) The band are on fire for those tracks.

You'll notice this compilation serves as a very handy substitute for London's Burning and For All The Young Punks. The 'Rope demos here are of much better quality. In fact, we almost have all the album. Then of course the interesting soundcheck rarities. Muddy Water's Baby Please Don't Go is a great one, very rocking, and there are also a couple of London Calling era songs that are also on Pier Pressure. The Sandinista! outtakes are nothing new, though it is thought that it's Norman Watt-Roy on bass for King Of The Road, as he replaced Paul (who was off shooting a film in Canada) for much of the Sandinista! sessions. The Revolution Rock instrumental is a good song to have, and pretty rare also. A song I heard here first of all was the Cool Confusion alternate mix, which is actually pretty good. The addition of drums in the mix makes a big difference.

So all in all, this richly deserves a 10. I've sort of glossed over the details a lot but the songs speak for themselves really. Adam Headland has done a good job gathering together all the loose ends of Clash studio rarities. These all seem to be the best quality sources as well. I'll also mention the What's My Name live track. Not strictly a demo or anything, but just included for fun I think. It's the same song as the famous video where Joe turns to the camera: "Here we are on TV, what does it mean to you? What does it mean to me? ... Fuck Off!" A nice addition to the compilation. Highly recommended, all Clash fans must have this.

Rated: 10 / 10


Thanks to Jim Chattin for the copy of this.