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M0ar Music

D-503: M0ar Music

'M0ar Music' (Sis an experimental album of live demo recordings by D-503. Recorded, mixed and transcribed in one 60 minute session on November 2nd, 2010, it was inspired by 'The Pearl'. In place of the subtle piano textures are simple electronic melodies with minimal processing. A unique ambient experience?

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Track listing

  1. Just Another Industrial Process
  2. V&S
  3. Come For The Tea
  4. Stay For The A
  5. And So Slow
  6. It Dies

Total running time: 48:43



You too can make your own "m0ar music". First of all, load up the applet, and then connect your output to some form of recording device. What I did was to use my Creative external soundcard, connecting via a digital coax link to my Sony JB930. I selected random patterns of dots, and experimented on the fly with various combinations, recording them in real time. Then I sketched out more defined patterns, yielding something resembling embryonic music. The JB930 has digital outputs (coax and optical), so I connected a portable recorder (NH600) via an optical cable. Then I played back the ten minutes or so of sound and altered the "digital pitch control" to a certain factor. It was recorded, again in realtime, onto a blank in LinearPCM (lossless CD quality audio). From there it could be uploaded to computer via SonicStage for further manipulation or transcription to CD, FLAC, mp3, etc.

Listening style

Scrutiny and headphones are recommended. For stereo playback, a system capable of strong <60Hz reproduction is required.


D-503 turned to R-13 for the next project.

D-503: Just Another Industrial Process