Sharoma Infantryman


"Ah, yes, mere infantry - poor beggars"

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Infantryman: Fall of Roku San Infantryman: Earth Landing Infantryman: Sohocan Rising Infantryman: Ultima Vuelta

Fall of Roku San

Earth Landing

Sohocan Rising

Ultima Vuelta

What is?

The Infantryman series of novellas is military science fiction written in the first and third person, and explores themes of societal manipulation, psychic communication and control, military violence and human interaction amidst the downfall of the species.

Series chronology

  1. Book I: Fall of Roku San
  2. Book II: Earth Landing
  3. Book III: Sohocan Rising
  4. Book IV: Ultima Vuelta
  5. Book V: Earth Conquest
  6. Book VI: Sanctuary


Difference between Citizens & Civilians

The Terran Federation is a limited democracy with aspects of a meritocracy based on willingness to sacrifice in the common interest. Suffrage belongs only to those willing to serve their society by at least two years of volunteer Federal Service. Democracy is therefore limited to discharged veterans, rendering the Terran Federation an entity governed exclusively by a reactionary praetorian class. The Federation is required to find a place for anyone who desires to serve, regardless of his skill or aptitude (this also includes service ranging from teaching to dangerous non-military work such as serving as experimental medical test subjects).

As in Ancient Rome, civilians are allowed to hold wealth and as such can, by way of industrial monopoly and lobbying, also sway the decisions of government. Although the highest level of control is beyond such corruption (at least in theory), state policies often aren't carried out at the lowest levels due to loyalty to a regional governor, or even landowner; it must be explicitly stated that although slavery is technically illegal, in reality there is no longer a distinction between a slave and a civilian. Civilians are forbidden to own land.

What is the FedNet?

The FedNet, or Federal Network is simply the information system of the late Terran Empire. It includes all audio-visual broadcast and is very much abused by central government for the dissemination of propaganda.

What is the Replacement Army?

During the course of the First Arachnid War the Replacement Navy of the Terran Federation proved to be a decisive factor in the domination of Fleet. Desiring such a formidable system for themselves, a similar operation was initiated within Mobile Infantry. Formed in the various military districts across all remaining colonies, these divisions were tasked with "conscription, training and replacement of personnel including control of mobilization policies and the actual call-up and induction of men; all types of military training, including the selection and schooling of officers and non-commissioned officers; the dispatch of personnel replacements to field units in response to their requisitions; and the organization of new units."

List of characters [incomplete]

Rank structure

The military of the Terran Federation is divided into two services: Mobile Infantry and Fleet. Marines are elite infantry trained to operate within Fleet, but are organised akin to regular infantry. The list of ranks within the MI is as follows:

  1. Medic: non-combatants attached to every regiment.
  2. Trooper: entry level rank for all Mobile Infantry.
  3. Corporal: in command of a squad.
  4. Sergeant: in command of a section.
  5. Lieutenant: in command of a platoon.
  6. Captain: in command of a company.
  7. Colonel: in command of a regiment.
  8. General: in command of a division.
  9. Field Marshal: in command of an army.
  10. Sky Marshal: supreme military commander.

Field structure

The field structure of the Mobile Infantry is simplified. There is no longer a "batallion". All administration is done at divisional level and the main fighting unit is the regiment.

  1. Squad: up to ten troopers.
  2. Section: up to twenty five troopers.
  3. Platoon: up to fifty troopers.
  4. Company: up to one hundred troopers.
  5. Regiment: up to one thousand troopers.
  6. Division: any number of regiments.
  7. Army: any number of divisions.
  8. Army Group: any number of armies.


The Arachnid Race fields many different species in combat:

Field structure

The bugs do not organise their forces upon conventional lines. So far, only the following distinctions have been observed and named:

  1. Swarm: up to one thousand warriors.
  2. Horde: multiple swarms.
  3. Myriad: ten thousand warriors.


Here is a list of some abbrevations and terms used in Infantryman:


Career postings

Schenck, W. Trooper, 316 / 'F' Company / 17th Regiment
6th Mobile Infantry Division / Army Group Outer Colonies
Military Assistance Command / Roku San

-Assigned as Runner to Divisional HQ Staff / 6th MI Division
-Seconded to 24th MI Regiment

Lieutenant Schenck
A-D-C to General Alayas
General Staff / Army Group Outer Colonies
Military Assistance Command / Roxoth

Captain Schenck
Intelligence Officer
Seconded to 'E' Company / 242nd Marines
Planet OM-3 / Arachnid Quarantine Zone

Captain Schenck
Acting Marine Officer
'E' Company / 242nd Marines / Army of OM-3
Planet OM-3 / Arachnid Quarantine Zone

Acting General Schenck
Temporary C-I-C Army of OM-3
Planet OM-3 / Arachnid Quarantine Zone

Captain Schenck
Intelligence Officer
Officer Commanding 'A' Company / Earth Relief Force
Planet Earth / Sol System

-Assigned to Pomerania Defence Force

Captain Schenck
Adjutant to General Knappe
General Staff / Pomerania Defence Force
Planet Earth / Sol System

Schenck's Battle Honours