Sharoma rFactor


This racing simulation began to replace Grand Prix 2 as my motor racing video game of choice in early 2014. I decided to go through a number of carsets, testing every driver on every circuit I could find. I began by using tracks I am already familiar with from TV or other racing games.

Test Days

My original Vista laptop (2007) was fine for playing GP2, but it couldn't handle rFactor. The newer Windows 7 machine (2010) can run and record rFactor reasonably well, but when only the player car is present. Actual racing will have to wait for another hardware upgrade. Until then, I will hone my skills by hotlapping incessantly during these 'test' days. Control method is a £10 SpeedLink joypad in digital mode. Driver aids are all disabled except for steering help, which is set to the middle setting (called 'high' in the game menu). The first few driver tests at Magny-Cours feature no steering help at all. This was changed in response to advice that it allowed a more natural experience when racing in digital mode.

9th August 2015 update: As of today my configuration has changed slightly. You'll notice that until this date, the cars were rather twitchy in behaviour because of rFactor's poor joypad support. The steering rate which I had set at 10 (the lowest) was not functioning at all, so the actual steering rate for all videos up to this date is 100. This has been rectified using Antimicro software. With this modification in steering rate comes other changes: The steering rate was moved up to 30 for a single test session (de Cesaris), then after that back to the default 20. Speed Sensitivity stays at 100. All driving aids remain disabled, except for steering help and, at the insistence of A., opposite lock help is now enabled too.

Magny-Cours, France

This track replaced Paul Ricard as the host of the French Grand Prix in 1991, and soon gained a reputation as a technical track which produced very little actual racing. The surface is also very smooth. I enjoy racing at Magny-Cours, but it is fair to say that the actual F1 races there weren't the most exciting. From the advertising present, it seems this is the 2002 version of the track, before the last complex was altered. The long straight necessitates a high final gear ratio.

»»» 1982 Playlist

Jerez, Spain

This is another difficult track which requires a relatively high downforce setup (but not maximum) and short gear ratios due to the lack of long straights. I also chose to use the pre-1994 version of the track, which means the fast right turns are present in place of the much slower Ayrton Senna chicane. It was here that Martin Donnelly crashed in 1990. (Note: for the 1989 and 1990 races at least, another layout was used which broke up the back straight.)

»»» 1982 Playlist

Suzuka, Japan

One of the best circuits. Like the Magny-Cours track for rFactor, this is based on the Grand Prix 4 circuit. The graphics are a touch glitchy, and I had to lower the detail to maintain a smooth frame rate. Testing here is ongoing.

»»» 1982 Playlist

Imola, San Marino

Testing here is ongoing.

»»» 1982 Playlist

Adelaide Street Circuit, Australia

This is a track I am particularly fond of. Testing here is ongoing.

»»» 1982 Playlist

1982 Version

From the first rFactor video until this one late in the Jerez tests, the carset used was F1 1982 LE V.0.92 which is the League Edition and apparently the performance of all cars is equal (though it didn't seem so from driving them). From that video onwards, I upgraded the carset to F1 1982 LE V.0.95 and then applied the Historic Edition patch, although the game still displays 'LE'. V.0.95 also features a number of extra drivers. Future plans include testing the 1990 and 1979 carsets. After that I want to try 1988 and 1994.

1994 Season

Well, it's November 29th, 2015 and I've finally started a new playlist. This time we're going to go through the entire 1994 calendar in chronological order, using a variety of drivers.