Sharoma Frontierverse Data Merchandise


One of the most interesting aspects of Frontier is the merchandise on offer. Playing the stockmarket can yield vast profits if done wisely. If you aren't so confident of your trading abilities, the stockmarket is still the place to stock up on essentials for your impending trip. Whether your ship is powered by a standard hyperdrive or a military drive, you'll still need fuel to feed it. Also, bear in mind that the police will hunt you down if you're known to be carrying illegal items. If outside the Empire, it's better not to risk carrying slaves, for example. The Federal authorities abhor the slave trade, though they won't mind you having the odd serving girl aboard your ship, providing they're allowed on board to sample her wares. If you know what I mean.

Check out the Trading page for some excellent trade routes.

Item Description
Air Processors

Devices used in life support systems to remove unwanted gases from the air. These are vital to many mining establishments, keeping the air in the huge underground complexes breathable.

Animal Meat

Real meat from an animal. A delicacy, but the market for this is growing as a revolt against synthetic meat. People have become unsettle by the thought of their food growing in vats of seething, viscous fluid, the stench of which is indescribable. The idea that real animal meat once felt the sun on its back and frolicked in a meadow feels more wholesome and natural and such meat is claimed by many to taste better. Given that the amount of meadow available is far exceeded by the hooves to roam it and that factory farming is unfashionable, the meat is rare and highly sought after. Trading in animal meat is illegal in some places.

Animal Skins

This covers the skin of all sorts of animals and parts of them. It seems that the more that go into a garment, the more prized it is. A ridiculous extreme is a coat woven from eyelashes of the Sweetums Scroblet, an ugly animal with a bad temperament and no endearing qualities other than colourful, luminescent eyelashes.

Battle Weapons

The heavy weapons used on the battlefield and usually illegal.


Mostly used for administration and as components for automated machines like space craft, though some advanced cultures use them a great deal for interactive entertainment systems.

Farm Machinery

Machinery used to, erm... farm.


Fertilizers are usually manufactured in vast chemical plants, but organic waste is often used to supplement this.

Fruit & Vegetables

This can seem like a loose term looking at some of the produce that comes under this classification. One could be forgiven for taking up a shovel and disinfectant when faced for the first time with the Oosli from the Fomalhaut system.

Gem Stones

They come in all colours and different levels of sparkle. Fashions come and go, but the current gem to be seen wearing is the Zublic, a colourless stone that is totally reflective. It is very easily mimicked but only the real stone is non-irritant to the body, so those who are status conscious have them sewn into their skin.


One of few foodstuffs that is both traditionally grown and not too expensive.

Hand Weapons

Firearms. Many cultures regard them as a necessary accessory and feel 'naked' without one. Illegal in many systems.

Heavy Plastics

Have a variety of uses especially in high temperature environments, like rocket engines. Manufactured in large industrial complexes.

Hydrogen Fuel

The normal four star fuel for spacecraft. All the waste products are used as reaction mass in the thrusters. It can also be obtained by scooping it from stars and gas giants.

Industrial Parts

Everything from fusion motors to nuts and bolts.

Liquid Oxygen

Used mainly be settlements on airless worlds for life support systems.


Covers all intoxicating drinks from interesting local hooches such as the Bourbon from the system of Epsilon Indi to unexciting brews made by large industrial companies. An example is Splag, which is akin to watery Old Nova, but some have been less generous in their appraisal.

Live Animals

Used for meat, exhibition or recreation or just companionship. Your hold must have a life support facility to carry them.

Luxury Goods

Many items are classed as luxury goods, for example perfumes, jewellery, artefacts and fabrics. The most treasured are generally produced on esteemed worlds like Earth.


Drugs are, as always, big business as people would rather be reassured by a drop of something that tastes foul, rather than examine their way of life that more often than not causes the ill health. However, the most healthy person can still fall foul of bugs such as black hole fever (well known but seldom talked about, except in jest with references to escape velocity usually being made).

Metal Alloys

They have hundreds of uses, one example is the production of foam metal, valued for its lightness and use as electromagnetic shielding.

Military Fuel

Very high energy per unit weight. It is manufactured and consists of an engineered molecule with anti-matter atoms suspended in it. It is not always available and is expensive. You need to weigh up the advantages of greater range and speed with the fact that it is converted to radioactives when consumed.


There is little to say about minerals. Mined on rocky planets by machinery except on Major (van Maanen's star) where the Guardians of the Free Spirit exhume it with only a hammer and chisel. They believe in severe hardship and live underground. It is thought that money (left over after buying necessities like oxygen) is burned in ceremonies intended to purify the soul. The worshippers think of all the luxuries, such as a salve for their bleeding hands, that the money could have bought, causing great anguish which is thought to be cleansing.


The most common is Lyrae weed. Narcotics are readily available on some large corporate manufacturing complexes to induce a sense of well-being in such appalling conditions. Occasionally a few workers are killed due to insensibility or hallucinations, but it is considered that they are better off that way and there are plenty more where they came from. Illegal in many places.

Nerve Gas

Expect the police in most places to take up a chase if you trade in this.

Precious Metals

Mainly used for adornment and trying to maintain stability in unstable financial systems. Generally cheaper in the outer systems, where precious metals have not yet been mined out.


Radioactive materials for example Plutonium and Tritium. Note that this item has a negative trade value, in other words, you have to pay for someone to take it off your hands. Some make a living out of being paid to take this waste away and deliver it to reprocessing plants (ie, anywhere that has Radioactives as a major import). More unscrupulous and irresponsible characters will prefer to jettison it instead, risking prosecution. This is a highly illegal practice and locals are usually vehemently opposed to this act. Police often don't bother with questions but deal with you there and then, as this not only saves on police time but court fees as well.


This covers a whole range of automata. Generally they are intricate machines used to do everything from serving canapes to use as assault troops. They are illegal in a few cultures, mainly because of the violation of their work ethic, but also the extreme techno-fear some people experience.


Again, this has a negative price, so you must pay to dispose of it. Some cargo items when decompressed (by being jettisoned) will turn into rubbish.


Consider carefully where you are going to trade because slave trading is illegal in many systems, where it is seen as unacceptable. Life support needed.

Synthetic Meat

This is the most common form of protein to be found, so it is relatively cheap. Grown in vats, this meat is in no way derived from animals, though most would agree that it tastes exactly the same as real meat. It is sold in one flavour, called Original, which is fairly bland and unexciting. Individual flavours are added by the user, for example Earth beef, Lava hog from Biggs Colony or Brog buck from Homeland around Beta Hydri (for those who like their meat to bite back).


H20, usually needed by small industrial settlements and those with no natural water supply.


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