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The rest of the Elite series of games is well represented out there on the ol' world wide web. Many sites, such as Simon Challands', have been around for literally more than a decade. The boom of new Elite sites that began in the late 1990s had died off by about 2002, and the ones listed here survived the fall out.

If your Elite, Frontier, First Encounters or Elite 4 website isn't listed here, then contact me and I'll add it. I try and keep this links page as up-to-date as possible. For the 'FFE equivalent' to this site, I suggest you try Jades' FFE site.

FEU Community

Original 'Elite' series

Frontier: Elite 2

Frontier: First Encounters

Upcoming 'Elite 4'


Thanks to Dan of Accrington for bringing my attention to this excellent series of video tutorials. His own Play Guide & Review is also available.

Elite: Background Videos

  1. Memories of Elite
  2. Brits Who Made The Modern World (Part 1)
  3. The First 3D Computer Game (Part 2)

Jim Plays Games: Elite - Fundamentals Tutorials

  1. So You Want to be a Pilot?
  2. Trading and Hyperspace
  3. Bulletin Board, the Law, Lack of Exploding Heads
  4. Combat, Upgrades, Bounty Hunting
  5. Combat Addendum