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The following text is taken from the back of the original game box, and is a very brief introduction to the game and its history.

Frontier: Elite 2 logo

Frontier: Elite 2

The original game, Elite, shook the computer games industry to its foundations as the first 3D polygon space simulation back in the mid 1980s. The game was an unprecedented success and grew to such cult status that games' players formed their 'Elite Fan Club'. A feat yet to be repeated, the standard was set and gave rise to a multitude of sci-fi simulation 'wannabees'. Now as popular as ever, this unique style of game has been taken to the limit with the astonishing Frontier: Elite 2.

The most eagerly awaited sequel to date, Frontier pitches you far, far into the future to the year 3200. Civilisations have spread through the galaxy hundreds of light years from earth in all directions. Vast areas of the galaxy remain unexplored and with many thousands of worlds now settled in the cosmos, a rich and varied life of adventure awaits.

Take on the role of a space trader known to moonlight as an intergalactic mercenary and watch the Universe unfold before your very eyes.


An Imperial Courier from the intro cutscene Praise for Frontier and its prequel

Power struggles

Although you can totally avoid this aspect of the game and remain a neutral bystander, Frontier's core systems are actually dominated by two super-powers. Centred around Sol is the Federation and to the south, centred around Achenar, is the Empire. Which is the goodies is really up to you, but bear in mind that His Imperial Highness Hengist Duval sits on a throne of total power, and commands many millions of slaves. The Federation aren't quite so bad, but still probably devote a large proportion of their budget to the military. Both sides will reward you handsomely for your services, and there's certainly more money to be made in the Empire. They also make the best ships. The ship above left is a beautiful Imperial Courier.