Happy 2024!

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Happy 2024!

Post by sharoma »

Significant events usually happen to me in the '4' years. I hope everyone here has an excellent new year. Here are some of my goals:

1) Read, but stop having a goal
2) Draw, post, or make tapes, but when I feel inspired.
3) Stop caring so much about things, lighten the mental load.
4) Continue successful avoidance of most news, YouTube, ads, 'doom porn'.
5) Find work in my new career.
6) Travel, for me. Not for anyone else.
7) Accept the reality of my health conditions. Stop hyperfixating on it.

One thing I am excited for already is Kali Uchis's new album Orquídeas is out on January 12th!
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Re: Happy 2024!

Post by thatalex »

Happy New Year all! I too have goals this year. It's a bit tricky to list them numerically as they are bound up with each other.

The main thing for me is that I want to improve my habits and time management - become more comfortable in my own skin again - rather than socialising with my neighbours, most of whom are leeches who actively encourage me to take drugs. To do this I'll be paying more attention to my projects and try and break my writer's block... That would help me a lot.
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