Dwarf Fortress

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Dwarf Fortress

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Does anyone here play Dwarf Fortress, and would anyone consider playing it? It's a fairly singular game where you steward your brave Dwarfs through civilisation-threatening crises including goblin and undead attacks, demonic creatures waiting in the depths, cave-ins for those who dig too deep, and - perhaps most fearful of all - booze shortages.

It's a unique experience - the tagline is "losing is fun" - as there is so much potential in the game and so many OP enemies! Even a job apparently as simple as rerouting a river to leave silt on a cave floor can result in "fun" when your dungeon floods and your Dwarfs drown. Frequently the game will turn on you through no fault of your own - I recently had to restart a promising fortress when the only metal I could mine there was gold, you can't make weapons or armor from gold! Wood and leather struck me as too Neolithic though natch I did check the caverns to find.... More gold.

Each version is different - one thing I remember from the early versions is vampires and childsnatchers that would kidnap baby Dwarfs, who could return Evil if you played the fortress long enough! I haven't seen either of those guys lately but I've been having trouble with the dread Were-creatures and their filthy blood infecting my Dwarfs with their curse.

The worlds (and monsters) generated for each map are mostly unique, and some of the Chimerical Forgotten Beasts generated can be almost Lovecraftian in appearance.

The link to download is here:


And anyone minded to try it will need to look things up in the Wiki:


If anyone's up for a quick game let me know; I could write a little guide here, though the real forum is probably a much better place to look.

After all what do I know ;-)
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