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Research and Record

Posted: 30 Oct 2023, 16:08
by sharoma
A record (emphasis at the end) is something such as a music album.
To record (emphasis at the start) is to make a recording.

Still with me?

Currently the difference in pronunication of research is merely a difference between Brits and Americans. Why not have the same rules as record? To research (emphasis at the start) is to, well, research something. When that is completed, it becomes research (emphasis at the end).

What made me think of this? In Jurassic Park, Nedry says "...your company catches up on 30 years of research." A pointless observation I'm sure; he said it the British way yet is an American.

The other night, thinking about hypertension and hypotension made me think, is there a hypobole to pair with hyperbole? Turns out there is! Except it's not the opposite of hyperbole, it's a legal term describing a certain kind of argument. Look it up.

Re: Research and Record

Posted: 07 Nov 2023, 21:34
by sharoma
"I'm not ignoring your AFK."
"I'm not ignoring you're AFK."

1) Correct because it's your AFK (status). I am not ignoring your AFK message.
2) Also correct. I am not ignoring that you are AFK.

(AFK means 'away from keyboard'.)