Twin Seas

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Twin Seas

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I have been recommending this band for over two years now because I really like their sound. They just released their third album and in my opinion it continues to offer what I most like about them: a retro production sound with catchy melodies. Here are their three albums:

Twin Seas (2017)
Phases (2021)
TO GO (2023)

I very much enjoy each for different reasons but I feel perhaps Phases is the strongest and might appeal most to people after an '80s style new wave sound with very clean production and catchy tunes. They even released it on cassette, although my version was rather poorly mastered, suffering from distortion. No problem, the beauty of cassette is that I could record over it myself using FLAC files. The band don't even have a Bandcamp and seem reluctant to market themselves outside of Spotify and Instagram (argh). TO GO got an LP release but isn't available on cassette. Neither it nor their first album are even available to buy losslessly as FLAC or wave. I even emailed: take my money! No response. Anyway, I like them.
Robin Sharrock
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