Comedy Middle Names

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Comedy Middle Names

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I originally posted this list to a certain egregious social media site when they had a 'Notes' section, back in 2008. I've tried to remember all the entries but I think it remains incomplete. Here it is so far:

Arnold Judas Rimmer
Robert Andrew Scarborough Ferris
Rodney Charlton Trotter
Dennis Longridge Patterson
James Randolph Royle
Ryan Bailey Howard
Andrew Baines Bernard
Hailey Gwendolene Dunphy
Geraldine Boadicea Granger*
Eric Theodore Cartman
Leopald Butters Stotch
Robin Oswald Tripp
Harold Albert Kitchener Steptoe

*although in the final episode her full name is given as Geraldine Julie Andrews Dick van Dyke Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Chim-Chiminey Chim-Chiminey Chim-Chim-Cheree Granger
Robin Sharrock
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