Still a big fan of Sandinista!

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Still a big fan of Sandinista!

Post by sharoma »

When I first heard The Clash's fourth album, Sandinista!, about 23 years ago, I wasn't sure what it was. Like many fans of 'punk', it confused me at first! I just wasn't expecting all those genres spread across 36 tracks. I didn't hate any of it, I just needed to open my mind a bit. Unlike Kurt Cobain, who hated it, I very soon began to love this album. It helped me really get into reggae and dub, along with Grand Theft Auto 3 and their ripping off of Scientist's Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires.

Anyway, I listened to the unofficial 2014 'Dread Mix' of Sandinista! a few times this year and was happy that a slight tweaking of the sound and running order made me rediscover my love and appreciation of this album. Whether you hear the Dread mixes, or the original version and mixes, it's simply amazing. The finest triple album a band ever released and a target to aim for if your band wants to release a record which spans almost every conceivable genre. I think it's the Clash album which has dated the least. It is the most interesting one, 43 years on.

My Clash album rankings as of posting:

1. Sandinista!
2. The Clash (UK or US version)
3. Combat Rock
4. London Calling
5. Give 'Em Enough Rope
6. Cut The Crap

Note: I still very much enjoy and (somewhat) like Cut The Crap! Combat Rock is up there because of the more interesting tracks, not the two hits.
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Re: Still a big fan of Sandinista!

Post by thatalex »

To my shame I'm a casual fan of the Clash. I dipped into London Calling and then decided that while their best songs were excellent, their albums were unnecessary. My mother's greatest hits compilation has kept me company while cooking on many an occasion however!

I will check out Sandinista on Spotify.
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