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by sharoma
18 May 2024, 23:36
Forum: Health & Self-Care
Topic: Euthanasia: When and If
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Re: Euthanasia: When and If

I find this extremely disturbing. She isn't even 30 yet. I expect at least half of us have felt suicidal before 20, let alone before 30 (28 was one of the lowest years in my own life). I certainly have not been in my right mind when these thoughts have been in my head. The thought of a doctor valida...
by sharoma
13 May 2024, 21:02
Forum: History, Economics, Political Science
Topic: The Eighth Battle of Kharkiv
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The Eighth Battle of Kharkiv

A couple of weeks ago I read some articles detailing the deliberations the German government is going through. Germany alone represents 28% of the Euro area economy. They are an industrial powerhouse and they make a fortune exporting all kinds of advanced goods (in 2022, their exports earned them $1...
by sharoma
13 May 2024, 20:22
Forum: Music
Topic: Cassection
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The Cassection series of mixtapes now has its own page:
by sharoma
11 Apr 2024, 20:13
Forum: TV & Film
Topic: On the Buses Review
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On the Buses Review

Introduction I recently completed a full watch of On the Buses (seven series plus three movies). I believe the show is more valuable for its historic rather than comedic content. Herodotus, the infamous Greek historian, is known as the Father of Lies, yet his material is still useful because we can...
by sharoma
24 Mar 2024, 15:58
Forum: History, Economics, Political Science
Topic: Ukraine: Don't Fight Back?!
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Ukraine: Don't Fight Back?!

Two days ago it was announced that the USA has told Ukraine to stop targeting Russian energy infrastructure because this may push up the price of oil on the world market. An increase in fuel cost can easily harm economic activity, business and personal finances. The USA is especially vulnerable to a...
by sharoma
22 Mar 2024, 16:28
Forum: History, Economics, Political Science
Topic: Breakup of the United Kingdom
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Breakup of the United Kingdom

In this post, I will assume the United Kingdom itself will break up. History may view this as a continuance of the breakup of the British Empire, with the UK itself being one of the Empire’s first creations. The UK’s current military outlook is coloured by its former role as the paramount power. Its...
by sharoma
28 Feb 2024, 16:12
Forum: Music
Topic: Cabaret Voltaire - The Crackdown
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Cabaret Voltaire - The Crackdown

In my post reviewing early Depeche Mode albums I stated that I thought Construction Time Again was superior to Cabaret Voltaire’s The Crackdown . I had already been thinking, “Did CTA deserve 10/10?” and I still think yes, it did. When I rate albums it is not only in the context of the whole of popu...
by sharoma
27 Feb 2024, 16:36
Forum: Gaming
Topic: External Validation / World of Warships
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Re: External Validation / World of Warships

A further update! I reinstalled Red Dead Redemption 2 recently and have been enjoying hunting, reducing my bounty, and caring for my horse. As for 'Warships, I still play a bit, but mostly AI and only the content I want to interact with. Coincidentally, Wargaming made changes to allow completion of ...
by sharoma
21 Feb 2024, 18:23
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Becoming a member
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Becoming a member

Automatic registration is closed because of spam. If you wish to join this forum, simply email me with your desired username and I will get back to you with a temporary password.

Thank you!
by sharoma
25 Jan 2024, 23:47
Forum: History, Economics, Political Science
Topic: The system of nation-states
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The system of nation-states

As I write this in early 2024, we can safely assume it will be business as usual until at least 2030. In this post, I suggest we imagine which borders will transition from open warfare to politically and economically stable between 2030 and 2060. The system of nation-states may have ended in a centu...