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This Is Live Clash

Tracks 1 and 2: Joe Strummer piano excerpts from the movie Rude Boy. All other tracks live from the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, 14th September, 1979.

Track listing

  1. No Reason [Rude Boy outtake]
  2. Let The Good Times Roll [Rude Boy outtake]
  3. Jimmy Jazz
  4. I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
  5. Complete Control
  6. London Calling
  7. Clampdown
  8. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
  9. Koka Kola
  10. I Fought The Law
  11. Jail Guitar Doors
  12. Police & Thieves
  13. Stay Free
  14. Clash City Rockers
  15. Safe European Home
  16. Capital Radio
  17. Janie Jones
  18. Garageland
  19. Armagideon Time
  20. Career Opportunities
  21. White Riot


This is quite a good performance from the band, though the sound on the CD is a bit rough at times. The guitar seems particularly "merged" and all blended together, though it's still a good sound. (The sound is very similar to Bronx City Rockers CD, which features a show a week after this one.) The bass especially is well present, and Mick's lead guitar is too. This CD also has two Rude Boy outtakes on it. Performed by Joe Strummer on the 'Rehearsal Rehearsals' piano. The quality on them is very good, and No Reason sounds similar to the Sandinista! track The Sound Of The Sinners.

The Chicago tracks kick off with Jimmy Jazz, with Mick asking "This is the home of the blues, right?" just before they start. It's a great performance of the song, very funky. I'm So Bored With The U.S.A. starts off with a blast of guitar, here especially they sound merged. The vocals on the show also seem a tad quiet, but the sound is good, just not excellent.

London Calling is another great version. The echo/reverb as it opens adds to the effect. The tracks from London Calling were unreleased at this point so it must have been good for the audience hearing them.

"This is another new song entitled I'm not working for the Clampdown!"

Another good rendition of the London Calling track, which became a regular in Clash shows. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais is also a good version, and the band are very energetic throughout the show. This CD is slightly edited though. Apparently between Jail Guitar Doors and Police & Thieves, Guns Of Brixton and English Civil War have been cut, and also between London Calling and Clampdown, The Prisoner. Also, before the start of Police & Thieves, something is mentioned of Pressure Drop. Anyway, the songs that are here are performed well.

"This is the appendix right. Butlins means the nick. Brixton means the nick. The nick means the penitentiary."

And with that Mick's song is played, very well in fact. Other highlights of the show include Armagideon Time and to end, blistering performances of Career Opportunities and White Riot.

Other than the slightly rough sound, the only fault with this CD is a 2 second gap before Capital Radio, and that's just a one off so doesn't really matter. On the whole, a good CD to have.

Rated: 8 / 10


Thanks to Anders Thörnqvist for the copy of this.