Sharoma The Clash The Right Profile

The Right Profile

All tracks recorded live at the San Francisco Civic Centre, 22nd June, 1982.

Track listing


  1. London Calling
  2. Spanish Bombs
  3. Career Opportunities
  4. The Guns Of Brixton
  5. Train In Vain
  6. Bankrobber
  7. The Magnificent Seven
  8. Car Jamming
  9. Wrong 'Em Boyo
  10. Police On My Back
  11. Know Your Rights
  12. Safe European Home
  13. Rock The Casbah
  14. Brand New Cadillac
  15. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  16. I Fought The Law
  17. Clampdown


  1. Ghetto Defendant
  2. Armagideon Time
  3. Somebody Got Murdered
  4. English Civil War
  5. Straight To Hell
  6. Janie Jones
  7. Clash City Rockers
  8. Garageland
  9. The Guns Of Brixton [repeated]
  10. Garageland [repeated]


This is an excellent two CD show. The sound is very good. It's clear, just a bit distant. The bass is especially present in the mix, and the vocals, guitars and drums are all also clear. London Calling kicks off the show and is a very good rendition, though Joe seems a bit tired. Spanish Bombs is next and it's nice to have it so high up in the set. It's a bit slower than the studio version, and is performed very professionally. An excellent guitar solo from Mick and again the band sound a bit tired, more in the vocals than anything else. Kind of like the music is flowing on and the band are struggling to keep up. Not as energetic as other shows but very professional. Terry Chimes performs very well on drums, and perhaps the band were still getting used to his drumming (Topper had recently been sacked and his last ever gig with the Clash was at the Lochem Festival in May '82), and that could be a factor in the slower tempo of the performance. Live shows are very much dictated by the drumming.

Career Opportunities is also unusually high up in the setlist. In fact, it's a very unique setlist. A good performance of this Clash oldie. Paul's vocals in Guns Of Brixton, along with the rest of the song, seem distant, then the song abruptly cuts 55 seconds in and the sound is a lot better, Paul's vocals becomg clearer. The song isn't extended though and only lasts about two minutes which is a shame. Train In Vain is also performed noticeably slower. A standard performance of the song, and quite lengthy too. On this you'll notice show the bass is very present, and the drum sound is good.

Bankrobber - now this is a superb live version. The heavy bass and slower speed adding lots. In fact this is the best live version I have heard. Excellent, and thumbs up to Paul's performance on bass. Mag 7 has a great drum and guitar intro. I sometimes tend to subconciously judge Clash live shows by how well they perform The Magnificent Seven. This is a great one. Great reverb in the vocals and full on effort from the band. Joe is really up for it. Again, as I've already said, the bass on this show is great. Nice echoes too and the song really gets funky three minutes in. It may seen from the more relaxed speeds that the band is lacking in energy but that's far from true. They are giving it their all here. Lots of enthusiasm and excellent playing. Credit to Mick for excellent guitar wizadry here. Mag 7 was usually extended live and the extended playing here is a joy to listen to. 6 minutes of excellence!

Terry Chimes is introduced at this point, just before one of my fave Clash songs - Car Jamming! Great intro on the drumkit from Terry and then a great rendition. Also a fine drum solo during the song. It's also performed faster than the studio version. In fact, to tell the truth, I originally only traded for this show because it had Car Jamming on it, as it wasn't played live much. This show just gets better and better! Wrong 'Em Boyo is another excellent performance. It's very funky. More credit to Terry with the drums and percussion. Probably the best live version of this song.

Onto Police On My Back, and the show is really going now. Another excellent energetic blasting of this classic song from the Sandinista! album. Know Your Rights! With guitar, and it sure is. A very professional performance. The sound effects (from Mick I think) make a nice break in the song. The intro to Safe European Home is great and then another faultless performance. The end climax of the song in particular builds up well. The band are on top form, and once again, Terry's drumming is top notch. The sound cuts after Safe European Home then fades in again for Rock The Casbah, which is another excellent performance. Nice guitar work and a top rendition of this famous number.

A very rocking Brand New Cadillac before Should I Stay Or Should I Go, which is a bit slow but still a good one. I Fought The Law is very energetic and is a very good performance. Clampdown ends disc one, and like SISOSIG is a good solid performance but nothing out of the ordinary. 3:45 into Clampdown there is a brief cut in the music but otherwise it's fine. The song finishes easily before the CD cuts off but there is no fadeout which is a shame.

Ghetto Defendant (another fave of mine) kicks off CD 2, though the speed seems somewhat slowed, especially Joe's count in at the start. A moving performance, with a nice reverb. Again, good to have this live as it wasn't played live much. It kicks into Armagideon Time very nicely which is another slow but good performance. Mikey Dread (well, I assume it's him. It certainly sounds like him)[1] makes an appearance to add a genuine feel to the song. It's extended, and is a very good rendition. There is a nice subtle, even gentle, guitar intro to Somebody Got Murdered. This is also a very good version. English Civil War is also a noteworthy performance (this show has so many standouts) - very precise. Each song is performed in a professional manner. The Clash by this time, free of Topper's drugged drumming, could really show off their skill on stage again.

Straight To Hell, as expected, is a very sombre performance. Quite moving, and much like the version on From Here To Eternity. An excellent rendition. I like the way they just let the song flow to however long it happens to be each time, rather than keeping to a set time or whatever. Janie Jones has a good drum intro but the guitar seems a touch low in the mix. This first album classic was often played at the end of the set in later years and this is a good performance of it. Clash City Rockers is similar. Not masses of energy in these two but decent enough and Terry's drumming adds a lot it seems. Almost as if it keeps the band going during this song as they seem a bit tired by this stage. There's a dip in sound quality for Garageland. It starts off a bit interfered but goes okay. Makes a good ending to this great show, with the sound fading away nicely.

This show has instantly become one of my favourites and it comes highly recommended. Excellent performances from the band, good sound and heavy bass! Make sure you get hold of this.

[1] Bills S. explains: "I recently secured the Clash boot "The Right Profile". Decided to read your write-up at I'd be willing to wager just about anything that the vocalist on Armagideon Time is Ranking Roger from the English Beat (or "The Beat")."

Rated: 9 / 10


The Two tracks repeated at the end are the same versions that appear elsewhere in the show. Not sure why they have been repeated. The quality is a lot worse on them, especially the crowd noise which is a lot louder.

Thanks to Simon Biggin for the copy of this.