Sharoma The Clash The Guns Of Brixton

The Guns Of Brixton

All tracks live at The Palladium, New York, on 21st September, 1979.

Track listing

  1. Safe European Home
  2. I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
  3. Complete Control
  4. London Calling
  5. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
  6. Koka Kola
  7. I Fought The Law
  8. Jail Guitar Doors
  9. The Guns Of Brixton
  10. English Civil War
  11. Clash City Rockers
  12. Stay Free
  13. Clampdown
  14. Police & Thieves
  15. Capital Radio
  16. Tommy Gun
  17. Wrong 'Em Boyo
  18. Janie Jones
  19. Garageland
  20. Armagideon Time
  21. Career Opportunities
  22. What's My Name
  23. White Riot


This CD contains the same show that the Bronx City Rockers CD has, only on this CD the show is complete and runs in order. You'll notice this from the different track listings. The Bronx CD is also missing Jail Guitar Doors.

I've reviewed this show more or less in the review of the Bronx CD, so I won't reiterate it here. Jail Guitar Doors which is here only is a very good version of the song. It wasn't played live much but they really do it justice. It's excellent. The show probably flows better here on this CD, and there are obviously no fadeouts either, though the fadeouts kind of add to the sound of a CD if you know what I mean. Kind of builds up a bit more enthusiasm in the listening experience rather than an extended period of crowd noise and sometimes silence from the stage before a song. Ironically, this CD is titled The Guns Of Brixton, yet the Bronx CD has that song as its first track.

Rated: 8 / 10


This bootleg clocks in at 77 minutes, so Bronx City Rockers was obviously edited to fit it under the 74 minute mark.

Thanks to Anders Thörnqvist for the copy of this.