Sharoma The Clash Talking To The Clash

Talking To The Clash

Same 4 minute interview on each side. Dates from 1978, around the time of the release of Give 'Em Enough Rope.

Track listing

Side A:

  1. Interview with Paul Simonon & Topper Headon

Side B:

  1. (same as side A)


A Clash interview picture disc. It has a picture of Joe and Paul on side A and a pic of Joe on his own on side B. Strangely, they look like me to be photos that date from 1984/5. The interview itself features just Paul and Topper being asked various questions ranging from the new album (which at the time was Give 'Em Enough Rope), why Top Of The Pops is crap and the Sid Vicious incident. It's a good listen, and Paul seems to dominate the conversation somewhat, and even answers a question aimed at Topper. Not really characteristic of the quiet bass player, but he has a lot to say and comes across quite likeable, even though he's seems to be trying to sound confrontational.


Photos credited to Peter Anderson. Apparently Limited Edition (Cat. No. CLASH 1). I know it's pretty common though, as I've seen mention of it on the web. 7 inch vinyl and plays at 33.3rpm.