Sharoma The Clash Stockholm's Burning

Stockholm's Burning

All tracks recorded live on the 16th May, 1981, in Stockholm, Sweden. The venue was the Isstadion. Tacked onto the end of Disc 2 are 8 tracks from the Amsterdam radio broadcast (including an excellent One More Time). See Amsterdam 81-7 for more details.

Track listing


  1. Intro: 60 Seconds To What (Ennio Morricone)
  2. London Calling
  3. Safe European Home
  4. The Leader
  5. Somebody Got Murdered
  6. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
  7. The Guns Of Brixton
  8. Lightning Strikes
  9. Complete Control
  10. Corner Soul
  11. This Is Radio Clash
  12. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
  13. Charlie Don't Surf
  14. The Magnificent Seven
  15. Bankrobber
  16. Wrong 'Em Boyo
  17. Train In Vain
  18. Career Opportunities
  19. Clampdown


  1. Jimmy Jazz
  2. One More Time
  3. The Street Parade
  4. Brand New Cadillac
  5. Janie Jones
  6. Armagideon Time
  7. Police & Thieves
  8. London's Burning
  9. White Riot

Amsterdam Radio Broadcast (10th May, 1981):

  1. London Calling
  2. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
  3. Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)
  4. Radio Clash
  5. The Magnificent Seven
  6. Bankrobber
  7. I Fought The Law
  8. One More Time


For all the good things I have read about this show I was expecting a real blasting Clash performance, but I found it to be somewhat mediocre. Maybe it's because as I write this review (29th May, 2002, 20:13 to be exact) it is a period when I am easing off The Clash a bit. I have acquired lots of bootlegs and have had a break from them. Maybe I have been over exposed to them somewhat in the past few months. One interesting thing about the reviews on this site is that they are written differently according to when I wrote them. The first batch of reviews are brief (Buy Or Die for example). The reviews written of items that are fairly rare and that I acquired early on in my trading (for example Five Alive and Patriots Of The Wasteland) have long rich detailed reviews. It's not that I can't be bothered anymore (yes it is! you cry) more that I feel a lot of the performances to be the same, this one especially. I never skimp on my reviewing, and like to always take an alternate stance to other sites out there.

Now I'm not going to do my usual track-by-track summary. The first disc is nearing its end. In fact, Magnificent Seven has just finished and the crowd are cheering. I've noticed that this is an audience recording. The quality is reasonable but not great, and there is (what sounds like) microphone noise during large parts of the recording[1]. The band seem keen, but there is a lot of energy missing. This is something I have observed for a few '81 shows, other than the Bonds ones. The 1981 European Tour sounds tired. France 1981 is a another good example of this. The playing is slow. Bankrobber (currently playing) is terribly slow. The crowd are moaning (dare I say, crooning - true Morrissey style) through the verse and it's not a very inspiring listen. (Man I feel good. I think The Clash are great but slating them is a liberating experience!) Topper is trying to inject something into it but his drumming is light and lacks punch.

Wrong 'Em Boyo just started. It's interesting just how much sound quality affects a bootleg. The Royal Court Theatre 1984 show has atrocious quality. Otherwise it probably would have scored quite highly. Poor sound quality (well not poor, just not good) is one of the main reasons this show is doing nothing for me. It's the usual London Calling / Safe European Home start, through the standard 1981 Sandinista! tracks (if I remember correctly Topper does manage to get his verses right for Ivan) and there are some nice rarities in the setlist, such as The Street Parade.

Career Opportunities is actually fast and pretty good. Though after about 1 minute 10 seconds the sound just dies. It seems to switch into mono or something similarly strange happens. The volume has just decreased. I suspect there is a much better quality version of this show out there. This has too much interference (and the odd gap between tracks as well) to be the soundboard master. Anyway, an average Clampdown ends the first disc. Jimmy Jazz was a nice start to Disc 2, but again seemed a tad slow. One More Time is currently playing, and it seems an average performance. Apparently it fades into The Street Parade (that being the only performance of it?) so I'll have to see. While One More Time plays out I'll make a mental note to review the Spanish Bombs show next as that contains 'Let's Go Crazy', another Sandinista! rarity [2]. That reminds me, I should make a section that lists every Clash song and outtake and where it can be found in the studio, live or otherwise. I am digressing, maybe the Stockholm's Burning show feels a little offended that I am making idle notes in its review.

Yes it's true. It faded quite brilliantly into Street Parade. I didn't notice - the crowd are still chanting "One More Time, something-something-something". Now Street Parade is playing, and this is a great bonus to this show. Nice to hear it live. The guitar work seems a bit lazy and is really distorted, but the tune is recognisable. In fact, mostly due to Topper's drumming. It's an extended jam, lasting around six minutes. Brand New Cadillac follows it, knocking some short fast rock and roll out after a long psychadelic progressive song. More inexcusable interference muffles the start of Janie Jones. After that there's a long pause and a sombre Armagideon Time. London's Burning (or 'Stockholm's Burning') is great. Very fast and energetic, followed by a "We want Clash" chant from the crowd. White Riot ends the set (Mick relented again?) and seems a bit distant. Joe lets the crowd sing most of the vocals, especially the non-stop chorus chant. It ceases, then the music begins again. Seems a bit directionless. Ah, I'm reminded of "Mindless Directionless Energy". A Damned record I believe.

The majority of the set is rather lacking in 'zest'. It's a very average show with sound quality that's far from perfect, but not too bad. Can't really recommend it that much. I suppose Street Parade live is something all Clash fans will want to get hold of (and rightly so). Maybe I should put it on a compilation (ah come on Rob this show isn't that bad). A 7. Though could so easily have been a 6.

[1]To quote from Graham's review: "Some occasional outdoor wind disturbs the mic also."
[2]Since discovered that the standard 19 track Spanish Bombs CD, which is incomplete, sadly omits Let's Go Crazy.

Rated: 8 / 10


Thanks to Anders Thörnqvist for the copy of this.