Sharoma The Clash Spanish Bombs

Spanish Bombs

All tracks recorded live in Barcelona, Spain on 27th April, 1981. The show is missing a few tracks at the end, mainly the encore.

Track listing

  1. London Calling / Safe European Home
  2. This Is Radio Clash
  3. Train In Vain
  4. Washington Bullets
  5. The Leader
  6. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
  7. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
  8. Clampdown
  9. The Guns Of Brixton
  10. Lightning Strikes
  11. Corner Soul
  12. Bankrobber
  13. Somebody Got Murdered
  14. The Magnificent Seven
  15. One More Time
  16. Spanish Bombs
  17. Brand New Cadillac
  18. The Street Parade
  19. Charlie Don't Surf


Spanish Bombs is another fairly standard show from the Spring 1981 European Tour. Apparently this was the live debut of This Is Radio Clash, and it's a pretty good CD. However, it is edited and doesn't include the encore and only live performance of Let's Go Crazy. Shame, but this is still very good. The sound is a clear audience recording, with a bit of reverb, slightly (only very slight) muffled vocals and high bass in the mix. There's also the odd bit of tape wear.

The band go through the motions. It's the standard opening of London Calling and Safe European Home (these two being merged as track one). Pretty much faultess, though nothing new or special. This Is Radio Clash is a bit of a rusty version, being early on in its life. Paul handles the bassline pretty well. The lyrics to it are also a bit different in places. Train In Vain is a pretty good one. A bit faster with the drum intro. The songs are all a bit rough, but pretty good. Washington Bullets in particular seems a bit 'all over the place'. Joe's singing is out of key, and Paul seems to be trying his hardest to keep his bass playing going (maybe he knows he's so high in the mix ;-). The Leader is different. Driven along primarily by Topper's drumming, and you'll notice the guitar is a bit too low in the mix, and the vocals are also muffled down slightly.

Ivan Meets G.I. Joe is an excellent performance, though you can't really hear Topper singing in parts. Maybe he kept straying for the mic as he was drumming. It's fast-paced and contains some sound effects from Mick also. White Man is also pretty good, and Guns Of Brixton is one of the main highlights of this show. A different arrangement, with the band trying something new. Harsh guitar from Mick, slower rhythm from Paul and Topper, some great backing vocals from Joe and Mick (Mick really stretching his voice at times) and Paul's heavily pronounced lead vocals make for a great performance. One of the best I've heard actually, it's certainly different.

Lightning Strikes is also great, and very rocking. Joe shouting more of his nonsense makes for an upbeat performance, with all the band playing well, and Mick's doing some nice things on guitar. Nice to also see Corner Soul in the setlist, though it starts up, then the music dies down with Joe saying..."I was gonna do, erm, Corner Soul. I was gonna do Corner Soul...". Then the song kicks in again. Some exceptionally heavy bass here. Perhaps another highlight of the show. Bankrobber is also a good performance, and as you'd expect Mag 7 is excellent. Fast and rocking. One More Time is great too, with Joe announcing the song by its opening lyrics before the music begins, and when it does it's haunting and unqiue. What a great song, and done justice in the performance here. The crowd are also into it, clapping along. Another highlight for the show. Spanish Bombs itself opens with cheering as the spanish lyric is spoken, then there's a long pause while Joe "gets the rhythm right now". It's also a good performance, and leads nicely into a fast full on Brand New Cadillac. The Street Parade is also a nice addition to the set, with some extended playing and nice guitar work. It leads fittingly into Charlie Don't Surf, a good way to end the CD. This is also a great performance. Mick's on lead vocals and you can hear him and his great guitar playing very well. The song cuts off rather suddenly though, but it's a good end to the CD.

Overall this is a good show to acquire. Some great performances, and though the sound isn't amazing it's pretty good.

Rated: 8/10


The full gig exists, with the encore and Let's Go Crazy.

Thanks to Rob Thompson for the copy of this.