Sharoma The Clash Patriots Of The Wasteland

Patriots Of The Wasteland

All tracks recorded at Glasgow Barrowlands, 10th February, 1984.

Track listing


  1. London Calling [two takes]
  2. Safe European Home
  3. Ammunition
  4. We Are The Clash
  5. Sex Mad War
  6. Clampdown
  7. The Guns Of Brixton
  8. Three Card Trick
  9. Glue Zombie
  10. English Civil War
  11. Spanish Bombs
  12. Clash City Rockers


  1. Police & Thieves
  2. Dictator
  3. Career Opportunities
  4. I Fought The Law
  5. Complete Control
  6. White Riot
  7. Know Your Rights
  8. Tommy Gun
  9. In The Pouring Rain
  10. Brand New Cadillac
  11. Garageland
  12. Are You Ready For War
  13. I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
  14. Janie Jones


This is an amazing show. The first UK gig after Mick Jones's sacking in 1983, and it is probably one of the most energetic out there. Joe himself is on fire, and the band are excellent. London Calling kicks off, and then is cut short for Joe to ask "how many of you think this light rain of saliva is strictly necessary?". A bit of banter, and Joe says "I'm trying to do my best for you... London Calling take two!", then follows a superb rendition of this song, sounding amazingly like the studio version. Lots of skill on show here. Kicking straight into an excellent, faultless performance of Safe European Home (complete with audience participation). Once it's complete Joe gives a speech... "What is Clash? Where is Clash? Who is Clash!?". He then addresses the crowd on the pros of becoming an activist, reveals an anti-drugs slant, and of course "Get rid of Thatcher before she gets rid of us!" to great applause from the crowd. He then introduces the new members of the band, Vince White, Nick Sheppard and Pete Howard. And with that, the band then play a new song, Ammunition[1]. An excellent song this is, very fast, very rocking and very Clash. The version here is probably the best available of this great song, and following that are more new songs, We Are The Clash and Sex Mad War. Some elements of the crowd seem not too keen on these newer numbers however (a mystery really, when they are excellent songs performed with massive energy) and Mick Jones is mentioned. "He's probably in the disco around the corner..." Joe wittily answers, and then recommends they get a job on the roads, which kind of leaves him silent as to what Three Card Trick is dedicated to... "erm, yeah" he says. It's another good performance of this new song - great drum opening from Pete Howard.

As well as the new material, the band are also very professional and capable in their performance of older Clash material. All of them are easily recognisable to the studio versions, being very tight and perfect in arrangement. Especially picking out a great Guns Of Brixton, with very effective harmonica intro (wonder who's playing it? Paul I expect). Along with Ammunition, Glue Zombie is the best performance of the newer matieral. A short but very catchy tune with apt lyrics to poverty-stricken urban life. "I lost my friend to the smell of gasoline". After its performance some people in the crowd start to chant 'Mick Jones', to which Joe suggests a battle between the pro and anti Mick Jones factions. Clash City Rockers then follows, with some very funky guitar playing. Dictator also makes an appearance, and despite the differences of being performed live, the Cut The Crap songs are still recogniseable to the studio versions, although usually being extended and more guitar based. Are You Ready For War and In The Pouring Rain are the other two newer tracks, and both vary to other versions slightly, being a bit rougher. In The Pouring Rain especially. (A different, superb live version of this song from May of '84 can be found on Give 'Em Enough Dope.)

The energy present in this gig is quite amazing, and never ceases for the whole 25 songs. In a blistering Complete Control Joe changes the lyrics to "Go fuck off guitar hero!", another dig at Mick and an even deeper one as this is a Mick-written song, lyrics and music too I believe. Joe seems very angry at Mick, which is only a good thing as anger fuelled him on stage. Following Complete Control is the triumphant return to the set of White Riot, which was no longer played live after Mick Jones refused (this caused fist fights between Mick and Joe at one time). A great performance and the crowd seem really into it. After which Joe has a dig at the pop music scene and the utter meaningless songs that are coming out that don't deal with anything significant. He also has a go at Boy George of Culture Club - "I don't wanna wear makeup!". After that short speech, Know Your Rights quite aptly kicks off. Again, a superb rendition. The songs all seem to resemble the studio versions very closely, and as aforementioned, reveal an extremely skillful lineup. With Joe on fire, the band performing so well musically and the unreleased tracks as well as excellent live performances of some Cut The Crap tracks, this is a must show to have. A great Garageland is announced to a cheer, and I'm So Bored With The U.S.A. and Janie Jones end the set on a high.

The sound quality throughout is as faultless as the performance. It's excellent, with vocals and all instruments present. There are no gaps or dropouts and the end of CD 1 fades away nicely and CD 2 starts again fading in with none of Police & Thieves missing. There's also fadeouts between the encores, but none of the songs are missing. A show to acquire for sure.

[1] Ammunition was also known as 'Thank You, Chief'.

Rated: 10 / 10


Ammunition, Glue Zombie and In The Pouring Rain are unreleased tracks that did not appear on 1985's Cut The Crap. A rare studio demo of In The Pouring Rain can be found on Rocker Station.

Thanks to Gaz Whelan for the copy of this.