Sharoma The Clash Mick Jones Takes The Lead

Mick Jones Takes The Lead

Compilation of official studio tracks. Track 4 is taken from Ellen Foley's album 'The Spirit Of St. Louis' from 1981. Track 21 is an alternate single mix.

Track listing

  1. Police On My Back
  2. Remote Control
  3. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  4. Torchlight
  5. Rudie Can't Fail
  6. The Prisoner
  7. Hate & War
  8. Stay Free
  9. Hitsville U.K.
  10. Somebody Got Murdered
  11. Gates Of The West
  12. Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)
  13. Lost In The Supermarket
  14. Jail Guitar Doors
  15. The Card Cheat
  16. Every Little Bit Hurts
  17. 1-2 Crush On You
  18. I'm Not Down
  19. Protex Blue
  20. Inoculated City
  21. Train In Vain ('91 7" Remix)


This is another excellent compilation from Pirate Radio Numero Uno. One of my favourite discs to play, it flows faultlessly from one song to the next, encompassing material from all of Mick's time at The Clash. You've probably guessed it's a tribute compilation to Mick, as each of the songs are sung by him mainly. There's also the odd rarity here, track four being very welcome indeed. I'd never heard any of the material off Ellen Foley's The Spirit Of St. Louis album before, and Torchlight was a good one to hear. It fits nicely into the compilation, and like Blonde Rock And Roll on the Clash On Broadway Outtakes disc, features Mick and Ellen's harmonic vocals. It's also got a killer tune and excellent production.

This is a great CD to put on and listen to. Like any good compilation should, it flows really well. Up In Heaven and Lost In The Supermarket belong together, both being songs about Mick's early towerblock life and the related alienation and misery associated with it. Both have very moving lyrics, and Up In Heaven has always been a favourite track of mine.

The other rarity here is the 1991 remix of Train In Vain, which is very similar to the original, but has extra effects and suclike in places. A good mix of the song, and it is no longer avilable anywhere else. It was released on CD single and 7 inch vinyl when the song was re-issued in 1991. Inoculated City is the version from the Combat Rock remaster, ie, the one with the '2000 Flushes' commerical. The 1986 CD issue of the album had an inferior version with the ad withdrawn (even though it's on the vinyl release). Thankfully it's back on the album for the remaster, and here as well.

This is a great album and comes highly recommended.

Rated: 8 / 10


As expected with PR#1 production, the artwork is second to none. A lovely deep blue image of Mick on a black background and the famous "Step Lightly.....Stay Free" quote on the front.

Thanks to Alan Young for the copy of this.