Sharoma The Clash From London To Jamaica

From London To Jamaica

All tracks recorded live at the Jamaica World Music Festival, which was held at the Bob Marley Centre, Kingston, on 27th November, 1982. This is the complete show, except for the very last track, 'I Fought The Law' which for some reason isn't on the CD.

Track listing

  1. Introduction / London Calling
  2. Police On My Back
  3. The Guns Of Brixton
  4. The Magnificent Seven
  5. Armagideon Time
  6. The Magnificent Seven (Reprise)
  7. Junco Partner
  8. Spanish Bombs
  9. One More Time
  10. Train In Vain
  11. Bankrobber
  12. This Is Radio Clash
  13. Clampdown
  14. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  15. Rock The Casbah
  16. Straight To Hell
  17. I Fought The Law [incomplete]


A superb CD. The sound quality is excellent and the mix is equally good. I particularly like the reggae based setlist of Clash songs (obviously because of where they are playing) on this show. It's a great performance by the group (Terry Chimes doing a good job on drums - this was his last gig with The Clash) and the group went on very early in the day, at around dawn. Kosmo Vinyl in the 'Introduction' track makes mention of this. In fact, it's worth having this for the quality alone, even though the performance is great. Being a big fan of One More Time makes it a favourite of mine, as the song is performed well. The guitar on Radio Clash is excellent, and this is the best performance of this song I've heard. Joe is on fire, and added sound effects make it sound even better. Definitely the best Radio Clash. The Guns Of Brixton opens to a great drum intro, and continues excellently. Mag 7 is performed great, and in two parts as well. There seems to be a lot more energy in the reprise (similar to the Who's On First CD), with Joe doing an extended rap with different lyrics. The way it kicks in after Armagideon Time is a nice touch.

This CD has a unique sound to it, and you'll be amazed at how good it sounds. All the instruments and vocals are amazingly clear, and lots of credit has to go to the mixer for the work done here. And if you like The Clash's reggae songs, you'll love this show even more. Well recommended.

"You wanna have a good time you got to leap around and have a good time! You can't have a good time sitting on yer arse!"

Rated: 9 / 10


This CD has undergone some fairly heavy mixing and possibly some overdubbing as well (Radio Clash being a prime example). Not that that's a bad thing of course, as the CD sounds excellent as a result. Other sources of this gig are inferior sounding. Also, why has that last track been omitted from this release?

2015 update: My CD-R copy of this show rotted away, so I no longer own a copy. For this reason it is sadly missing from The Clash torrent.

2015 update: 2 Thanks to Mr. Williams, this item is now restored, and is available in a new addendum torrent.