Sharoma The Clash France 1981 France 1981

France 1981

All tracks recorded live at Palais St. Saveur, Lille, France, 9th May, 1981. This CD does not contain the show in full.

Track listing

  1. London Calling
  2. Safe European Home
  3. The Leader
  4. Somebody Got Murdered
  5. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
  6. The Guns Of Brixton
  7. Lightning Strikes
  8. I Fought The Law
  9. Corner Soul
  10. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
  11. Radio Clash
  12. Charlie Don't Surf
  13. The Magnificent Seven
  14. Bankrobber
  15. Wrong 'Em Boyo
  16. Train In Vain


A good CD to have for fans of Sandinista!, with seven tracks from that album including Corner Soul, which is performed very well and is the best and clearest version I know of. Being a fan of that song makes this a favourite CD. Joe himself saying "I'd like to sing, for a change..." then the song kicks in. It seems to be an enthusiastic performance from the band, though not on par with the Bonds shows that came just a bit after this. Lightning Strikes is performed very well as is (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais, which has more energy in it than the other songs here. The band's performance is good, but they are not at their best. The playing is for the most relaxed and they seem a little tired. Still, there is enthusiasm here. London Calling and Safe European Home start the show in the standard way, and are not the most firey performances. Still good but just not the best.

I Fought The Law sees Joe trying to speak French, and failing miserably. Other great moments include a very clear Charlie Don't Surf, a great Guns Of Brixton and a cheery rendition of Wrong 'Em Boyo. Mag 7 is also performed well. Radio Clash was at this stage a new song and they play it in full, with Joe saying "see what you think..." to the audience. The song was already completed pretty much as it sounds like any over version. This would have been one of its first performances as it was premiered on this tour. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe is a good version, but Topper sadly gets the verse orders wrong and pretty much messes up the song.

My only gripes with this show is the varying sound quality throughout it. It's mostly above average, but seems a bit distorted, and also there are extremely annoying bursts of interference during tracks 2, 5 and 11. They are very brief but will make you jump if you listen to the CD loud or with headphones. Other than that the quality is good, and the Sandinista! material here is welcoming. Pick this show up just for the Corner Soul if not for anything else. Overall it's a good CD, with good material all performed reasonably well.

Rated: 8 / 10


Just hazarding a wild guess, I think the speed on this show is a tad slowed down.