Sharoma The Clash Disco Clash

Disco Clash

Seven track CD of studio tracks and remixes.

Track listing

  1. The Clash Flash Medley
  2. This Is Radio Clash
  3. Radio Clash
  4. Outside Broadcast
  5. Radio 5
  6. The Clash Mega Mix
  7. The Magnificent Seven


A curious seven track CD containing the dancier sides to The Clash. The first track is a standard mix, not unlike the Zippy Clampdown remix, which contains samples from the more famous Clash tunes, including Mag 7 and Should I Stay Or Should I Go. It's a good effort. Then follows the 12 inch Radio Clash single, or EP as it really is. This Is Radio Clash and Radio Clash are also found on official releases (Story Of and SMBC respectively) but Outside Broadcast and Radio 5 are rarer. Excellent quality. Whoever mastered these from the vinyl did a good job. The Clash mega mix has lengthier samples from Clash songs, and starts with SISOSIG, going into Mag 7 after three minutes or so, then Radio Clash, then Train In Vain, Rock The Casbah and finally London Calling. There's minimal remixing on each of the excerpts. A somewhat pointless song to be honest. And finally, track seven is the single remix of Mag 7, the same version as on Story Of. Always a great track, and my preferred mix I think, although it curiously fades and ends after two minutes or so. An interesting item. Perhaps get the DJ in your local club to slap it on and see what the response is.

Rated: 7 / 10


Thanks to Snoh for this, and to "mr. diem" for making it.