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Clash On Broadway Outtakes

Tracks 1 and 7 recorded during the '16 Tons Tour' rehearsals in London, January, 1980. Track 2 is a Sandinista! session outtake from 1980. Tracks 3 and 5 are rehearsal outtakes of those songs, that date from 26th April, 1977, during a film shoot. Track 4 is another alternate version of Know Your Rights, different to the one on Combat Out Rock and the official one. Track 6 is an instrumental outtake, the date of which is unknown, but probably late 1981. Track 8 is a slower alternate version of Garageland, part of the Rude Boy outtakes. Track 9 is the demo of the song which appeared as a single in late 1982 but with Joe on vocals here instead. Track 10 is an amusing track with The Clash 'singing along' to Village People's classic.

Track listing

  1. King Of The Road
  2. Blonde Rock And Roll
  3. White Riot (Rehearsal)
  4. Know Your Rights (Alternate)
  5. 1977 (Rehearsal)
  6. Overpowered By Funk (Instrumental)
  7. Louie Louie
  8. Garageland (Rude Boy Outtake)
  9. House Of The Ju Ju Queen (Demo)
  10. Y.M.C.A. (Radio Sing-Along)


A good collection of what is quite rare material. Louie Louie and King Of The Road appear elsewhere, but it's good to have them on CD at last, and the same goes for Blonde Rock And Roll which is a good song. The Overpowered By Funk instrumental mix is excellent, and superior to the album version which runs a bit slower. It's a great short blast of funky guitar playing. There is also another Know Your Rights alternate on here, which again is an interesting listen as this song was forever evolving.

White Riot and 1977 are rehearsal takes from the video shoot in Dunstable by Julian Temple, and are excellent alternate versions of these songs. Very fast, and the best recorded variations of these songs. Both are excellent and just bursting with energy. I particularly like this version of 1977 over any other. It has different lyrics and the arrangement is better. White Riot, without the couple of seconds chatter at the start, can also be found on Golden Bullets. London's Burning was also recorded at the shoot (and made the b-side to the Remote Control single) and can be found on London's Burning. All three of these songs have now been gathered onto the 1977 compilation.

Garageland is a much slower version, and originates from the Rude Boy outtakes. It's a good version though. House Of The Ju Ju Queen is a demo version with Joe on vocals. This song was released in late 1982 with 'The Lash' (Strummer, Jones, Simonon, and Micky Gallagher) doing the music and 'Janie Jones' (the infamous madam) singing the lead. The b-side was the song Sex Machine. It's a very strange track, and Joe sings the demo well, changing his style to fit the music.

Track 10 is amusing, and has the band on a Boston Radio station (WBCN). They choose to play Village People's classic hit Y.M.C.A and sing-along to it, rather terribly I might add :-) Amusing, if a little homophobic, lyrical alterations: "Y.M.C.A!, Why Are You Gay!?".

Sound quality is very good throughout, no problems at all there. A great CD with ten excellent tracks. Well recommended.

Rated: 9 / 10


The audio video shoot that the White Riot and 1977 rehearsal tracks are from is shown in part in 'Westway To The World'.

Thanks to Rob Thompson for the copy of this.