Sharoma The Clash 1977


Tracks 1 - 3 recorded during a rehearsal video shoot in Dunstable on 26th April, 1977. Tracks 4 - 15 recorded live at Leicester Polytechnic, 13th May, 1977. Tracks 16 - 20 are the demos done for Polydor from November, 1976.

Track listing

  1. 1977 (Rehearsal)
  2. White Riot (Rehearsal)
  3. London's Burning (Rehearsal)
  4. I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
  5. Hate & War
  6. 48 Hours
  7. Deny
  8. Police & Thieves
  9. Cheat
  10. Capital Radio
  11. What's My Name
  12. Protex Blue
  13. Remote Control
  14. Garageland
  15. 1977
  16. Career Opportunities (Demo)
  17. White Riot (Demo)
  18. Janie Jones (Demo)
  19. London's Burning (Demo)
  20. 1977 (Demo)


This is a compilation I made that gathers together the three songs from the video shoot, the five Polydor demos (the good quality ones from the London's Burning LP) and the material from the Cardiff 1977 CD. Simply for convenience as the three video shoot songs are scattered around on other boots. This CD makes a very good collection, as the live tracks are the best quality performances of first album songs, the rehearsal treacks are simply blistering and excellent variations and the demos are great quality. (For a review of the live tracks simply see the Cardiff 1977 page.)

Rated: 9 / 10


First burned on 12th March, 2002. Burnt with CD TEXT.