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Save games

A most exciting section of the site. Here are lots of varied Frontier save games to download, for both the PC and Amiga versions of the game.


The majority of the save games here have been submitted to the site. If you have a game you're particularly proud of (maybe you're excessively wealthy or have an Elite rating with the highest rank in both navies) that you want to share with the rest of the galaxy, then please send it in. Any other interesting saves, such as planetary anomalies and the like, are welcome too.

Save game conversions

There is no program to convert save games between Amiga, Atari and PC versions. Additionally, only the Amiga and Atari save games will work with OpenGL Frontier. I expect a program to convert save games for use with other versions would be a very welcome addition to the community.

Name of Game Description Author
PC Frontier Saves

This is David Braben's very own save game, set in late 1992. He is in the Sol system and has a very nice Cobra Mk. III.

David Braben

Commander Figes is a Dangerous Lord and has a big Puma Clipper with all the crew and fully equipped. He is landed on Mars.

Robin Sharrock
Gas Giant

An interesting save game, courtesy of Alan Forster, which sees his ship landed on the gas giant Achenar 6! He is in the Thargoid ship however, but thanks go out to Alan for this save game.

Alan Forster

John Holroyd supplied this save game where his ship is far out in the Laessur system which is around the 0,1022 region. It is an explored system with a government and John has parked up his very nice Asp.

John Holroyd

A save game which finds an Imperial Courier in the Iohoio system (-1605,-1602). The commander profile is Lord and Competent.


This is a save game which finds Commander Jeroen landed in a nice black Eagle Mk. III at the Hoopertown starport on New World in Achenar. He is Competent and is a Viscount but watch out; his ship is missing something very important!

J. van Drongelen

Commander Loopy (expert cheater in Frontier) is in the Sol system in a very large Tiger Trader.


The Okana game is a good all round one. The commander profile is Sir, Corporal and Competent he is landed on Topaz. His ship is a Panther Clipper.


This is another 'far out' save game. It is in the Pleione system (32,32).

Chris Milne
Sharrock 99

This is my old save game, in an Asp Explorer, an Elite rating and Lord for the Imperials.

Robin Sharrock

A save game from Frontier meister, David 'Wullbag' Corkish in which he has created the ultimate Imperial Courier! Give it a go.

David Corkish

Gordon Dyke's save game landed at London in a nice green Puma Clipper. He has lots of money, the year is 3203 and he has an Above Average combat rating.

Gordon Dyke

Redwizard's save game is landed at Mars High, Sol, in a Panther Clipper and everything is included! All cargo items and lots of equipment in the ship. The combat rating is Dangerous and the commander is unaligned with any super power.


Lots of (30+) Imperial Couriers with 50 sheilds - can you take them all on, and survive, without running away?

Steve Critchlow

A borg cube has entered the Sol system-- but this is a cube with a difference, it has a cloaking device. Press F9 to disguise the cube as a simple cargo canister.

Steve Critchlow

A long range cruiser for those who like to buy everything a space station has to offer. It's so big however, that it's drawn badly on the status (F3) page.

Steve Critchlow

It's sunrise on Merlin in the Ross 154 system. In one hour, the main star will be eclipsed behing the gas giant Aster. The purists will note that it doesn't get any darker when this happens.

Steve Critchlow

A Lynx Bulk Carrier, similar to the LRC.

Steve Critchlow

Lots of (30+) Military Vipers with 50 shields. Can you take them all on, and survive, without running away?

Steve Critchlow

With some deft finger work, loading this commander, and pressing Escape (to pause the game) will result in two ships being merged together without actually colliding.

Steve Critchlow

Steve Critchlow's personal hacked ship for exploring the frontiers of Frontier, without having to worry about how long it takes to get anywhere (Class 8 drives in a Kestrel), being killed (200 shields, hull repair), and enough fuel to last a long while (5000t), and $200,000,000 for good measure. Rating is Elite Prince.

Steve Critchlow

The Thargoid Ship, aka the Mirage! This is the Starblade, as hacked by Steve Critchlow and equipped with everything from a fighter launch device to a Class 8 hyperdrive. The commander profile is Elite Prince.

Steve Critchlow

The SS Gallileo is an Interplanetary Shuttle that has been "modified"-- very fast and holds lots of equipment.


The year is 3214, and Commander Davidson is at York City Starport in the Tau Ceti system. His ship is a very nice Cobra Mk. III.

Davide Zaccardi

A fully equipped Police Viper with plenty cargo space and an astounding jump range awaits you on Mars at the start of 3200. Ever wanted to pilot an official Police vessel? Now is your chance.

Adam Green

A save game thousands of sectors away from the core systems, in a pocket of civilisation with a few inhabited systems.

Matt Smith

A Competent Squire on New America, in a mighty fine Imperial Courier.

Zigmunds Steins
Project DoDo

Read the attached story for more information.


Far out in the Anandso system.

Jean François Tournie

A spectacular mis-jump. From a mere 0.75LY away from Ross 154. Now it's about 48.000 AU away!

Schloss Albrechsberg

A game in which Commander Merrill has achieved Admiral/Prince/ELITE!

Nick Merrill
Amiga Frontier Saves
Magnum My main save game. Year is 3211, comes with a heavily upgraded Asp, Federation rank Sergeant-Major, and Elite rating of Dangerous. Stuart Wilson
Station Reasonably kitted-out Imperial Trader. Ratings: Sergeant-Major/Master/Competent. Stuart Wilson
Moon Cobra Mk. III upgraded somewhat for military missions, bounty hunting, and generally giving people on all sides hell. Ranking Sergeant-Major/Squire/Competent. Stuart Wilson
Angus3 Angus Manwaring's (him of the Eta Cassiopeia station fame) save in a Cobra Mk. III, indulging in a spot of mortality (and morality)-cheating in Phekda. Rating Lt. Commander/Deadly. Angus Manwaring
Seeker2 Another of Angus Manwaring's saves, this time in the depths of the galaxy in a Panther Clipper. Angus Manwaring
HViper A Viper with an unusally high spec... Stuart Wilson
HEagle Similar to HViper, but with a lowly Eagle Mk. I... Stuart Wilson
PantherC Standard save with a Panther Clipper. Stuart Wilson
BoaF Standard save with a Boa Freighter. Stuart Wilson
PumaC Standard save with a Puma Clipper. Stuart Wilson
Python Standard save with a Python. Stuart Wilson
Federal Restarted the game a while back, working purely for the Federation. Rating Corporal/Average, ship is a moderately-equipped Cobra Mk. III. Stuart Wilson
Imperial Similar to Federal, except working purely for the Empire. Rating Squire/Competent, with (yet again) a Cobra Mk. III. Stuart Wilson
Stoo Working purely independently as a trader and occasional bounty hunter, ship is an Iron Ass Asp Explorer, perfect for tanning the hides of arrogant pirates while working as an innocent trader. Stuart Wilson
Jameson's Retirement [CD32 only.] Hilmar's 'retirement save' because he's obtained all but the highest ranks, which is the goal for the next 80 years. "...Set in the Facece System on my new Home Camp Jameson." Hilmar Johannsen