Sharoma Frontierverse Files Programs


File Name Author Size Information
Calculator Sámuel Gyuricza 7KB A speed calculator for traversing through systems at leisure.
Editor Al Lowe 18KB Allows you to edit Frontier's executable.
Rank Teller Matt Parkins 55KB A helpful program which tells you how many kills you are off the next Elite rating.
Save Game Encoder Steve Critchlow 76KB Allows you to edit your save games for Frontier. Ship specs can be changed, as can kills, money, rank etc.
Grf File Viewer Steve Critchlow 63KB A very handy program that allows you to view .grf files (the files which are placed in your Frontier directory when a screenshot has been taken).
Grf - Bmp Converter Steve Critchlow 11KB This program will convert .grf files into the more familiar bitmap (.bmp) format.
Ship Editor Tom Morton 167KB A very simple ship editor that can alter most aspects of the ships in Frontier.
Intro Movie GameTek 141KB The Frontier Intro Movie, as released by GameTek before Frontier's release.
Speed Brake John Romero 4KB A program to slow down your computer. Helpful for running games designed for older, and slower machines.
Mo'Slow David Perrell 29KB Mo'Slow is the most popular program for slowing down your computer to play older games at a proper frame rate.
Wormhole Kevin Prest & Jonathan Stott 10KB A program that calculates wormhole routes. One of Squidtech's better achievements.

Program Notes

Separate from the Bugs page, this section will detail people's problems with the programs offered above.

SGE Confusion

Rollory writes:

In the included readme:

0x108   Drive Type
        00 - none,
        01 - interplanetary,
        02..09 - normal hyperdrive class 1..8,
        0a..0d - military class 1..4

So I do
sge -d savegame._01 savegame.hx
hexed savegame.hx

Then I go to line 100, go over to column 08.  Value is zero.  Change
it to 09.  Exit saving changes.  Use SGE to convert back to frontier's
format, different filename though.  Start frontier, load game - nope,
still same drive as before.  Hex edit did not work.  I verified that
the change was saved in the file.

Either I missed something incredibly obvious, or Critchlow's instructions are
wrong.  Any ideas?