Sharoma Frontierverse Files Documents


File Name Author Size Information
Control List Robin Sharrock 8KB A control list with all the key shortcuts.
Game Manual Frontier Developments 48KB The complete flight manual for Frontier, in .wri format. Viewable in Wordpad.
HTML Manual Frontier Developments 247KB The complete flight manual for Frontier, in HTML format. Includes graphics.
French Manual Frontier Developments 984KB French language game manual (PDF format).
Money Guide Aarron Cochran 13KB An excellent quick-start guide to making money in Frontier.
Frontier Objects Theunis de Jong 24KB Lots of new and interesting information on the 3D objects in Frontier.
Hyperdrive Commander Schneider 26KB Information and a unique insight into hyperdrive systems.
Guide to Smuggling RedWizard 3KB RedWizard's useful guide to smuggling.
Bug Reports Richard Hewison 155KB Original bug reports for the Amiga version of Frontier from a beta tester.
DOSbox Guide Doode Brosef 1478KB An excellent and informative guide to running Frontier using DOSbox.
English Manual JF Turner 999KB The English language game manual in PDF format.
French Manual JF Turner 1MB The French language game manual in PDF format.